Car crash injuries may include invisible soft tissue damage

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Vehicle accidents are not always serious crashes at high speeds. You can be seriously injured by a vehicular collision at less than five miles an hour and not even realize it. Once your nerves settle down, you may walk away from such an accident and feel perfectly fine. Several days later, however, you experience neck pain and dizziness, so you finally go to see a doctor.

The diagnosis may be a soft tissue injury to your neck, and you are going to need continuing medical attention. Obviously, this is a result of the car crash, but is it too late for you to file a claim for compensation?

Soft tissue injury symptoms

Many injuries sustained in vehicle accidents are obvious, prompting victims to seek immediate medical assistance. However, symptoms of soft tissue injuries are sometimes so mild, especially at first, that they are brushed aside as insignificant. You might have a headache or some neck stiffness. You might feel nauseated, but you could put that down to the jolt to your system caused by the accident.

The trouble is that an injury may be lurking. Your unseen damage could include a ligament tear or a herniated disk, or even traumatic brain injury.

Lingering effects

Once your injury is healed, you might have ongoing pain, especially where scar tissue formed. A soft tissue injury may irritate the nerves, or you might suffer continued muscle spasms. Behavioral symptoms are also a possibility, such as nervousness or problems with concentration. You will likely need extended recovery time, possibly physical therapy and continued physician visits.

Immediate attention

Seeking prompt medical attention after a vehicle accident is not only important for your health and well-being, but also in terms of the insurance claim. A soft tissue injury is difficult to prove since there may be no objective evidence; therefore, the longer you wait to see a doctor, the harder it will be to tie your injury to the auto accident. Getting a medical report soon after the crash will help to provide the logical link so that your attorney can negotiate for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.