The role of a helmet in a motorcycle accident

| Apr 25, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle accidents are a serious issue in Virginia. In fact, in 2009, 77 people were killed in this type of accident in the state. At Cranwell & Moore PLC Attorneys at Law, we know how devastating an accident involving a motorcycle can be. While riding a motorcycle, you are very vulnerable due to the size of your vehicle and the open nature of it. That is why wearing a helmet is always advisable. While it may not protect against every injury, it can save your life.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains how a motorcycle helmet works in a crash to protect you as long as it is worn properly. It is important to understand that a helmet serves as protection that you don’t get from your vehicle. In a car, for example, you have the roof and are enclosed in the vehicle, which offers you protection. You don’t have that on a motorcycle, so you have to provide it yourself by wearing a helmet.

More often than not, in a crash, you will be thrown from your bike. This will result in an impact with the ground or a nearby object. Your skull is not designed to withstand such a shocking blow. A helmet is designed to absorb it and distribute the force of the hit while also making sure nothing can get through to puncture your head. A properly designed helmet will feature a crushable inner liner and hard outer shell. To learn more about motorcycle accident legal issues, visit our website