Risk factors that threaten motorist safety

| Mar 2, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Driving can be risky business, and even though drivers in Vinton may acknowledge this on some level, they may not truly understand how quickly a trip can turn into a disaster. Of course, the reasons for car accidents vary significantly, so drivers may benefit from learning about the hazards they face when they get behind the wheel.


Each year, distracted motorists are responsible for causing thousands of car accidents across the country. Distractions are anything that causes drivers to take their eyes and mental attention off the roads, or at least one hand from the steering wheel. Common sources of distractions include texting, eating, passenger conversations and navigational system use. Most accidents that occur from distractions are preventable.

Poor road conditions

Poor road conditions are a major problem for some drivers, especially those who lack experience like teen motorists. Slick pavements make it hard for some motorists to correctly judge the amount of stopping distance they need to avoid collisions. Also, reduced visibility in foggy and sunny weather can alter driving behavior.

The weather is not the only factor that can alter the safety of the roads. Poor design, construction zones and potholes can also cause traffic shifts and issues that can affect the way drivers operate their vehicles. Drivers who ignore traffic situations, road signs and speed limits are much more likely to crash their vehicles when they encounter poor road conditions.


Intoxication is a major concern for motorists. Drunk drivers are not always easy for other drivers to identify and avoid. They may exhibit signs of impairment such as driving too slow and blocking traffic, engaging in reckless driving behavior and even passing out at the wheel. Driving under the influence may be a conscious decision, and one that puts everyone nearby at risk for permanently devastating accidents. Since it may be difficult for a person to recognize when blood alcohol content exceeds safe limits, it is better to abstain completely before driving.

Teen drivers

Many teens who get behind the wheel are newly licensed drivers. They do not have enough experience to handle their vehicles as effectively and safely as more mature and experienced drivers can. Not only that, they are more prone to distractions than other motorist groups. They also have a tendency to make driving errors that result in collisions with other drivers and objects.

Because there are so many factors that can impact road safety, it is not enough for drivers to be safe and cautious. They should also learn defensive driving tactics to address these risk factors. Anyone who is dealing with a legal matter that involves car accidents should speak to an attorney about the situation for guidance.