Truck hits car head-on, killing three

| Feb 2, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

When driving down any road in Virginia, people in passenger vehicles can understandably feel vulnerable when coming upon large semi trucks and other types of commercial vehicles. The size and weight differential between tractor trailers and cars, pickup trucks and other vehicles can make a bit difference in the outcome of an accident between them.

On a recent Monday, in the middle of the morning, a truck driver failed to negotiate a bend in the road and went into the oncoming lane of traffic, hitting a car head-on. Three people in the Honda car died in the wreck leaving a family left to grieve the death of the married couple and the wife’s mother in one fell swoop. The bend in the road came on a descent along a stretch of Route 15 not far from the boundary line between Buckingham County and Fulvanna County. While the three car occupants died, the trucker walked away with only minor injuries.

An investigation is looking into the factors that may have been involved in the crash. At this time it is not known if things like speed, alcohol or distractions may have contributed to the driver’s inability to control his rig in the corner. He has, however, been charged with reckless driving.

Virginia residents who experience truck accidents or lose loved ones in these types of unnecessary wrecks may find it useful to talk with an attorney. This may offer insights into their options for compensation.

Source: WTVR, “Couple killed, truck driver charged in Fluvanna crash,” Scott Wise, Jan. 23, 2017