Effects of concussions can linger on long after injury

| Jan 24, 2017 | Brain Injury |

There may be no more traumatic type of injury than one affecting the brain. These injuries can have a devastating impact on victims, and often their lives are never the same. 

For instance, many people who suffer a concussion experience post-concussive symptoms that continue to affect them even after the primary injury has healed. Treating these secondary symptoms can be extremely difficult and sometimes this process, too, is life changing.

For instance, there was a recent article in Self Magazine featuring a woman who fell and suffered a concussion. But it was the post-concussion syndrome she experienced that led to a drastic life change.

The woman, who had been working in corporate sales, suffered from equilibrium problems and sensitivity to light and sound after her accident. She was in physical therapy for several months to try and alleviate her symptoms, but nothing seemed to work, until she turned to yoga. In an effort to reduce her stress and work on recovering, she quit her job and focused on practicing yoga. Eventually, she became a yoga instructor and her symptoms subsided.

This is a good reminder that some people are able to cope with a brain injury and the subsequent effects of it. A brain injury does not have to spell disaster if you can find something that helps you recover and cope with the damage you have suffered.

However, in order to do that, you may need to leave your job, move, go through rehabilitation and physical therapy, and pursue activities that support your recovery. These can all be financially demanding, unfortunately, which is why it can be so critical to pursue compensation from the party responsible for the brain injury.

Discussing with an attorney your situation and what you may stand to gain by filing a legal claim could prove to be a very wise decision. In the aftermath of a brain injury, the difference between suffering and recovery could ultimately come down to the help and support a person receives.