Do Some Doctors Put Profits Over Patients?

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Unfortunately, at one time or another, everyone either needs care from a doctor, or has a family member who does. We have come to trust these caregivers and expect the utmost professionalism and integrity from them. Sometimes, though, that isn’t always the case. When there is a need to question the ethics or practices of those physicians or the hospitals in which they work, the help of an experienced Virginia medical malpractice attorney can help.

The following case of a double lawsuit against a hospital in Pennsylvania indicates some instances where the patients suspected the physicians of medical malpractice and got a settlement in their medical malpractice case.

Whistleblower Lawsuits Over Pittsburgh Hospital

A Pittsburgh hospital was sued in a Federal whistleblower lawsuit claiming that the organization put profits before patient care. Then two medical malpractice lawsuits were made against two neurosurgeons, one of which was recently settled and another that is still pending.

The Pennsylvania doctors were just two of the 13 neurosurgeons that are involved in the federal whistleblower lawsuit. This serious accusation indicated that the surgeons were in receipt of bonus payments that were given based on their ability to increase the number and complexity of the medical procedures they performed.

The two medical malpractice lawsuits indicate that the hospital’s physicians put money over patient care by accepting a bonus for the number of certain procedures they performed, as well as advising patients to get procedures that were medically unnecessary.

Recently settled, one case indicated that a patient had a back surgery procedure performed that was not needed for him based on his medical history. The terms of the settlement are of course confidential, but the medical malpractice attorney indicated that it was fair and just for all involved.

The second lawsuit was brought against the other neurosurgeon over a back surgery as well. This patient cited the whistleblower lawsuit against the hospital and claimed that the financial rewards and bonuses for doctors was unethical. This case is still pending.

Although the hospital has fought to have the claim dismissed, the court has denied the dismissal, showing the seriousness of the situation and the right of patients to question the unethical practices of physicians. Those who feel they have been the victim of an unnecessary surgical procedure or unethical physician should contact Cranwell & Moore P.L.C. The experienced medical malpractice attorneys can help navigate the client through the process and determine the best way to proceed for a fair settlement.

Time is of the essence to consult with a Virginia medical malpractice attorney, as the state has a set timeframe on limitations for lawsuits. Cranwell & Moore, P.L.C. can assist clients with claims against medical professionals and know your rights. Contact the office today for a free consultation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney.