5 types of dangerous drivers who cause motorcycle crashes

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to be catastrophic. Knowing this, riders typically take whatever precautions they can to protect themselves. This could include wearing protective gear, performing regular bike maintenance and completing training.

Unfortunately, there is only so much a rider can do. Other drivers must make the same commitment to safe driving, but this doesn’t always happen. Below are five types of drivers who often put the safety of riders in danger by causing serious motorcycle accidents.

  1. The risk-taker: Too many drivers misjudge the distance and speed of a motorcyclist. Oftentimes, they take the risk of pulling out in front a biker, making it all but impossible for the rider to avoid crashing into him or her.
  2. The distracted driver: Motorcyclists can be harder to see for drivers who are being attentive; a distracted driver often never even sees a biker in the mirrors or coming toward them until it is too late.
  3. The careless motorist: Motorists are supposed to give motorcycles enough room on the road and use caution in traffic. Failure to to do can lead to side-swiping or rear-end collisions.
  4. The law-breaker: This includes drunk drivers, unlicensed drivers, speeding drivers and anyone else who feels like traffic laws might not apply to them.
  5. The bully: Cars and trucks are bigger and more powerful than motorcycles. Knowing this, some motorists feel like they have more rights to the road. However, every person must share the road responsibly, whether you are on a bike or in a semi-truck.

In the event that you have been in an accident with one of these types of drivers, it could be considered recklessness or negligence on their part. This means that you may have grounds to file a legal claim seeking compensation for any damages suffered. Discussing your options and legal rights with an attorney would be wise.