How generational behaviors can contribute to a car crash

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When there is a car accident in Virginia, determining how and why it happened are key to an accident investigation. This is particularly true when there is serious injury or death. Research is constantly being conducted to identify car wreck causes. Sometimes the results are based on obvious factors. However, certain aspects, such as generational behaviors, can also come into play.

Research by AutoNation, a Florida-based retailer, separated drivers into three categories and listed their most likely behaviors behind the wheel. The categories were Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Millennials. Based on this categorization, it was possible to identify which age group would commit certain infractions or act in certain ways on the road. Of the three categories, Baby Boomers were found to be the likeliest to do one thing: go through a residential area or a parking lot as a shortcut to get to their destination.

According to the research, Gen-Xers were more likely to drive without insurance, make obscene gestures to other drivers, throw trash out of their window while behind the wheel, and honk if the traffic light turns green and the driver in front of them does not move. As for Millennials, they are more likely to drive while not wearing a seatbelt, damage another person’s vehicle and not leave a note, drive with a suspended driver’s license or without a license at all, make an illegal turn when there is a red light, be involved in a crash and leave the scene, go through a yellow light at high speed, and text while driving.

More than 2,000 people took part in this survey. With this information, it becomes clearer as to which drivers are the most dangerous on the road. Tragically, those who are harmed by a negligent driver can suffer extensive damages. For that, having legal help from an attorney who is fully aware of the statistical realities and behaviors that are prominent with various age groups and how they contribute to a car crash is imperative.

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