Car accident kills woman and injures 4 others, including 2 kids

| Dec 1, 2016 | Car Accidents |

The roads in Virginia can be dangerous, especially during the holiday season. Weather can obviously be a factor in an auto accident, but there are other issues that can cause a car crash. People not paying attention to what they are doing when behind the wheel, speeding, operating the vehicle recklessly, driving under the influence, or simply failing to adhere to traffic laws are also common causes of car accidents. In some instances, these wrecks can lead to severe injuries. In a worst case scenario, a crash can cause a person’s death. When there is a car accident, those who are affected need to understand their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing, as such a filing may be justified.

A recent two-vehicle accident led to the death of a woman and injured five others. That wreck happened in the early morning hours at approximately 1:20 a.m. According to reports, a Ford F-150 pickup truck went through a red light and hit a Toyota sedan. A 37-year-old woman in the Toyota was rushed to the hospital where she died. Four other passengers in the vehicle, two of whom were children, had minor to serious injuries. The 39-year-old female driver of the pickup received a citation for not adhering to a traffic signal. She was also hospitalized with injuries that were not considered life-threatening. The investigation is ongoing to determine whether speed or impairment were factors.

When there is an auto accident, there are many different issues that have to be considered. If injuries are suffered, then there will likely be medical expenses that need to be paid. If there is a fatality, then surviving family members will have to think about how they are going to move forward without their loved one. Insurance companies might try to make a settlement offer for these damages in hopes of avoiding a costly legal case. The initial offer is generally less than what is required to adequately compensate an injured individual or a grieving family. With this in mind, these victims need to carefully consider whether they stand a chance of recovering more compensation by pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Success on a legal claim depends on a lot of factors. Victims often need to know the law, the rules of evidence, and the art of persuasive argument. For this reason, many accident victims find the assistance of legal counsel to be beneficial.

Source: Washington Post, “Woman killed after pickup truck runs red light and crashes into car, police say,” Justin Jouvenal, Nov. 26, 2016