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Behavioral and emotional problems associated with brain injuries


Floridians obviously avoid head injuries as much as possible. Even just bumping one’s head on something can hurt and cause discomfort. However, people cannot always prevent head injuries because they cannot control the actions of others around them. When others are negligent, even the most cautious people may end up in an accident and suffer head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, which can permanently change a victim’s life.

The brain is essential for the body to operate properly. If it is not sending the right signals to the body, then it will not work right. In addition to physical limitations, traumatic brain injuries can also cause significant mental problems. These issues include cognitive and communication problems, but such an injury can also affect a victim’s behavior and emotions.

Behaviorally speaking, traumatic brain injury sufferers can face trouble with self-control, social settings, angry outbursts, and taking unnecessary risks. Emotional issues can also present themselves, including depression, anxiety, mood swings, anger, trouble sleeping, and self-esteem issues.

These behavioral and emotional issues can last for a long period of time, affecting a victim’s life in major ways. These individuals may lose friends and alienate family. They may also no longer be able to conduct their job duties and, as a result, lose employment. In addition, they may incur costs for therapy and other professional help.

Many Floridians suffer from traumatic brain injuries. These injuries can be severe and cause long-term problems that turn out to be very costly in more ways than one. A victim may be entitled to compensation for their damages, though, if they were caused by another’s negligent actions. This compensation, if recovered, can be extremely helpful in covering medical expenses, including long-term care, and lost wages. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of these injuries and may be a useful resource for those seeking relief.

Source: Mayo Clinic, “Traumatic Brain Injury – Complications” accessed on Nov. 21, 2016


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