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Behavioral and emotional problems associated with brain injuries

Floridians obviously avoid head injuries as much as possible. Even just bumping one's head on something can hurt and cause discomfort. However, people cannot always prevent head injuries because they cannot control the actions of others around them. When others are negligent, even the most cautious people may end up in an accident and suffer head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, which can permanently change a victim's life.

Pedestrian suffers life threatening injuries in hit and run

When an auto accident in Virginia involves a vehicle and a pedestrian, the driver is expected to stay at the scene, see if the pedestrian is injured and provide assistance if necessary. If the driver does not do this, it can lead to criminal charges. For the victim in a hit and run car crash, the identity of the driver is important for insurance purposes and to file a lawsuit, if need be. The person who was hurt and that person's family members need to be cognizant of how the investigation into the hit and run is proceeding so they are prepared to file a claim seeking compensation.

New research shows how football and brain injury are linked

Football is a popular activity in Virginia. While the dangers of the contact sport are well-known, increased research regarding the true long-term potential of head injury and its accompanying problems are ongoing to determine how they happen, ways to treat them, and steps to take in preventing them. For those who are playing football or played at some point, knowing the connection between the sport and traumatic brain injury is imperative to understanding how their participation might have led to symptoms and aftereffects of traumatic brain injury.

Car's failure to yield to red light kills motorcyclist in crash

Motorcycles are a constant on Virginia roadways and it is important that those sharing the road with them be aware of their presence. That includes making sure to adhere to the traffic laws and acknowledging the reality that the relatively unprotected nature of motorcyclists leaves them vulnerable to injuries and even death in a motorcycle crash. When there is a motorcycle accident, those that were affected by it must be aware of how to pursue compensation to pay for all the issues that arise after the fact.

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