Accident victims may benefit from Virginia counsel

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An intoxicated driver is a dangerous driver. Whether that motorist is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, a driver who is not driving with clear faculties makes for a danger on Virginia’s highways. Unfortunately, there is not much that individual Virginia drivers can do about other negligent and intoxicated drivers on the road, as even the most defensive driver may be susceptible to their errant ways.

Sometimes the only solution a Virginia driver may have is to hold a negligent driver responsible for his or her role in a drugged or drunk driving accident. While it may be relatively simple to establish that a driver had a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit at the time of an accident, it can be much more difficult to establish that a driver was under the influence of illegal drugs, as this blog reported in a previous post.

The attorneys of Cranwell & Moore, PLC, have experience helping individuals who have been involved in car accidents caused by both drunk and drugged drivers. Whether the negligent individual admitted liability at the scene, or dashed from the scene of a hit and run accident, our firm’s attorneys know how to successfully pursue personal injury cases against such individuals. They conduct thorough investigations into their clients’ accidents, help their clients gather evidence of physical injuries and medical expenses, and argue their clients’ cases in a way that is persuasive and supported by the facts and the law. The thorough preparation that goes into each case benefits the clients of Cranwell & Moore, PLC, time and time again.

Additional information about the services that the attorneys of Cranwell & Moore, PLC can provide to car accident victims, whether they have been at the wrong end of a drunk or drugged driver, or the victim of another type of car accident, can be found at the following webpage. Choosing an attorney that is right for an injured individual can be challenging, so it is always wise to do enough research to make the decision that his right for him or her.