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Legal representation essential after motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents present huge risks for Virginia bikers. Not only can these wrecks lead to damaged motorcycles, but in a motorcycle crash, a biker may also suffer catastrophic injuries. There can be broken bones, a brain injury or other permanent disability, and, of course, there is always the potential for fatality.

As this blog reported in a previous post, the majority of fatal motorcycle crashes result from an accident with another motor vehicle. While these accidents are undoubtedly caused by a variety of different factors, sometimes motorcycle collisions are due to the negligence of a motor vehicle driver. Whether a driver does not see a motorcyclist, or sees a biker and is simply driving so recklessly to prevent a collision, a motorcyclist is often put in a vulnerable position. Without the protection of a large physical vehicle, a motorcyclist may suffer tremendous injuries in an accident.

When a biker has been involved in an accident due to the negligence of another driver, he or she may be able to recover compensation for his or her damages. To do so often requires complex negotiations and involved legal proceedings. The attorneys of Cranwell & Moore, PLC, help their clients through this process. From dealing with difficult insurance companies to negotiating a settlement and representing clients in trial, if necessary, the firm’s attorneys handle all manner of personal injury lawsuits, including cases where motorcyclists have been injured by negligent drivers.

Additional information about the services that the attorneys of Cranwell & Moore, PLC provide to their clients is available on our webpage. The firm’s attorneys offer free initial consultations for victims of motorcycle accidents or their loved ones.


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