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Legal representation essential after motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents present huge risks for Virginia bikers. Not only can these wrecks lead to damaged motorcycles, but in a motorcycle crash, a biker may also suffer catastrophic injuries. There can be broken bones, a brain injury or other permanent disability, and, of course, there is always the potential for fatality.

Drowsy driving contributes to dangerous car accidents

A new study confirms what many Virginians may have already suspected. Driving while tired or drowsy is dangerous. In fact, driving without proper rest can even be deadly. According to the study by the Governors Highway Safety Association, every day there are approximately 84 million American drivers on the roads who are sleep-deprived. This sleep deprivation contributed to many fatal car collisions in 2015, and resulted in the deaths of approximately 5,000 individuals. Sleep-deprived driving has been identified as a factor in almost 20 percent of auto accident fatalities.

NHTSA data reflects trends in motorcycle accidents

Collisions pose a tremendous risk for Virginia motorcyclists. Perhaps not surprisingly, when a motorcyclist collides with something, whether another vehicle, a portion of the roadway, or another obstacle, that motorcyclist is at risk for catastrophic injuries. Due to the nature of their method of transportation, motorcyclists have less protection from collisions than many others traveling on the road.

How can sleep deprivation lead to truck accidents?

There are many factors that might contribute to a dangerous truck accident. From a truck driver who is speeding down a Virginia highway to one who is distracted by his or her cell phone, Virginia drivers must be on the lookout for dangerous situations that can arise from truck driver negligence. One particularly troublesome factor that contributes to truck accidents is a truck drivers' lack of sleep.

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