Former Virginia wrestler sues coaches, alleges brain injury

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A former wrestler for Old Dominion University (ODU) in Virginia is suing his former coaches, as well as the Old Dominion Athletic Conference and Old Dominion Athletic Foundation, due to the lack of care he received following concussions during wrestling practice. In the lawsuit, in which the former wrestler for ODU is seeking $4 million in damages, the plaintiff contends that the lack of medical care he received led to him ultimately suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

The plaintiff contends that over a six-week period during his 2014 freshman wrestling season, he was knocked out three times during practice. He asserts that he displayed signs of concussions, but his four coaches did not recommend medical treatment for him. Furthermore, the former wrestler contends that the coaches encouraged him not to seek medical care for his head injuries. Instead, they encouraged him to return to practice, even though he was still experiencing symptoms from the injuries, including trouble concentrating, headaches and confusion.

Ultimately, after suffering three concussions, the college wrestler began to convulse and vomit. It was only then that his coaches referred him to the college’s athletic trainer.

In the lawsuit, the former wrestler contends that the coaches’ actions in failing to recommend that he seek diagnosis and treatment following the injuries was negligent. And, that this lack of treatment he received following the injuries resulted in permanent traumatic brain injury, as well as other psychological and physical injuries.

This is a serious lawsuit following what appears to be major trauma for a former college wrestler. If one suffered a brain injury, they may wish to seek legal advice regarding potential legal options.

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