NTSB involvement needed to prevent truck accidents

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Virginians see commercial trucks on their local highways daily, transporting essential goods throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. Though these trucks provide a useful service, they also pose the risk of dangerous 18-wheeler accidents.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), more than 100,000 people were injured, and almost 4,000 died, in truck accidents in 2012. This is a frightening statistic that reveals the true danger of these massive pieces of equipment, and the NTSB is intent on improving the safety of truck operations to help save lives and prevent injuries. In order to improve safety on the roads, the NTSB desires to involve truck drivers, truck companies and the oversight agencies that regulate the trucking industry.

The NTSB points to a need for greater oversight regarding safety deficiencies. If trucks’ safety deficiencies are not addressed promptly, and these commercial vehicles subsequently removed from the road if they are not resolved, this places all drivers at risk for potential accidents when a truck’s equipment fails. Additionally, the NTSB wants there to be a better system for making sure that negligent truck drivers do not find a loophole, such as through use of an alternate name, to return to the trucking industry, thus putting other drivers and passengers at risk.

The NTSB is pushing for greater oversight and tighter regulations of the trucking industry. While these desired improvements may help prevent future accidents by keeping unqualified truck drivers off the road, as well as by identifying negligent truck maintenance, nonetheless, truck accidents will likely continue to happen.

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