How should a Virginian handle property damage after an accident?

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For some victims of a Virginia car accident, property damage, and not serious injuries, may be the biggest of their worries. Any car accident victim who emerges without major medical expenses is lucky, but property damage can still be extremely costly and annoying. It can help to know how best to approach property damage – as well as potential dealings with an insurance company – after a car wreck.

After being involved in a car collision that results in property damage, a Virginian may find it advantageous to consult with an attorney who can offer guidance and deal with an insurance company directly. Following an accident, it is necessary to communicate with the insurance company of the driver at fault to notify them of the accident. However, it may be wise to view the accident report first prior to any communications with an insurance company, as it can be helpful to have a thorough understanding of the accident, including police reports or witness statements.

A driver with a damaged vehicle will want to obtain an assessment of the damage to his or her vehicle. Typically, a person is entitled to recover financially in an amount equal to the difference between what his or her car was worth before the accident and after the accident. A situation may arise in which the other party’s insurance refuses to pay for damages due to liability issues. Collision insurance may provide coverage, or a driver may have to pursue a lawsuit against the other driver.

Pursuing compensation for property damage following a car accident can be challenging. It may be wise to seek legal counsel for assistance during this process.

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