Virginia attorneys help victims of doctor negligence

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Virginians have likely heard the term medical malpractice, whether on the news or in conversation, and they may be able to identify an obvious case of medical malpractice, such as when a doctor performs a wrong-site surgery or makes a fatal medical error.

Operating on the wrong body part may present an obvious case of malpractice, but identifying medical malpractice may not always be so simple. Sometimes instances of medical malpractice may be subtle or unexpected. A doctor may make what appears to be a minor mistake that can actually prove to have tragic consequences for a patient. Or, as this blog reported in a previous post, a doctor may make an overdiagnosis that can have negative consequences for a patient’s long-term health care. It is important to hold negligent health care providers responsible for their mistakes, whether obvious or not.

Identifying cases of medical malpractice and understanding the complex issues that arise in connection with malpractice cases can be challenging. Therefore, it is essential for Virginians who may have been the victims of medical malpractice to have experienced counsel to guide them. The attorneys of Cranwell & Moore PLC can provide this assistance. They have represented clients in many types of medical malpractice cases, from episodes of misdiagnosis and doctors’ failure to diagnose, to surgical errors. The firm’s attorneys have also represented clients who have been the victims of medication and other prescription errors, as well as emergency room errors.

It is essential to have an experienced advocate on your side when dealing with the complex issues surrounding medical malpractice. For additional information about medical malpractice in Virginia, please visit our webpage.