What dangers do motorcyclists face?

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Many Virginia motorcyclists are drawn to their particular mode of transportation for the thrill of the ride that they can have on a motorcycle, unlike in a more traditional mode of transportation such as a car or a truck. Though there are many pleasures and benefits for motorcycle drivers, they also face some challenges that may increase the risk of dangerous motorcycle accidents.

Due to the comparatively small size of motorcycles, other drivers, particularly distracted drivers, may not see motorcyclists as easily. This can increase the risk of accidents, particularly at busy intersections, where many collisions between motorcycles and vehicles occur. Perhaps because of their small size, the right of way of motorcycle drivers is often violated by other drivers, which can lead to serious accidents when another vehicle improperly crosses a motorcyclist’s path.

Sometimes a motorcycle driver may become involved in an accident due to an instability in his or her motorcycle. If the front end of a motorcycle begins to wobble or shake, which may be more likely to occur at a high rate of speed, the likelihood of an accident may increase. A wobble accident may occur due to the misalignment of the motorcycle’s front and rear tires, for which the manufacturer may be legally, and therefore financially, responsible.

Additionally, there may be road hazards that pose extra dangers for motorcyclists. An oil slick or other object on the roadway may be easily avoided by a driver in a car or truck, but for a motorcyclist, could prove to be a major hazard.

If you have suffered catastrophic injuries in a motorcycle collision, you may wish to seek legal counsel to discuss your rights.

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