Attorneys aid victims of Virginia motorcycle accidents

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October in Virginia offers a wonderful opportunity to observe the leaves changing colors on the trees and to appreciate the cooler temperatures. The views from a motorcycle can be particularly appealing, as drivers are not separated from their environment by a motor vehicle. This lack of separation, though an advantage for taking in nature, can also serve as a disadvantage if a motorcyclist is involved in an accident.

As this blog reported in a previous post, there are a number of unique dangers that motorcyclists face, from their small size that may make it harder for other drivers to see them, to the increased difficulty they face responding to hazards on the roadway. The attorneys of Cranwell & Moore P.L.C. recognize these challenges and know that a negligent driver’s recklessness and carelessness on the road can ultimately lead to suffering for a motorcycle accident victim.

Unfortunately, all too often, it can be the motorcyclist who suffers the brunt of the injuries in a collision with a motor vehicle. From a serious head injury to permanent disability, the repercussions of an accident can be life-long, or even fatal. A collision between a car and a motorcycle may mean only property damage for the vehicle driver, but it could mean something as severe as a spinal cord injury for a motorcycle driver.

The firm’s attorneys recognize that though financial compensation may not fix a person’s injuries, money can help an injured motorcyclist regain control of his or her life. They are experienced in helping clients seek compensation from responsible parties following serious motorcycle accidents.

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