Seeking legal resource after a motorcycle accident

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Motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries. Such injuries may include head and brain injuries, neck and spinal cord injuries and fractures that can lead to heavy internal and external bleeding. In many cases of motorcycle accidents, the victim of the accident can lead to the victim’s death. Virginia State authorities have enacted numerous motorcycle safety initiatives as well as public awareness drives to ensure that the car and truck drivers are aware of the dangers that others on the roads face due to reckless driving.

Many motorcycle accidents occur, even to the most experienced motorcycle riders. The problem with driving on the road is that no one can predict the recklessness of the other drivers, irrespective of the other person’s own driving ability.

In the event of a motorcycle accident, the risks are increased since motorcycles do not possess the safety measures that are available in a car, such as airbags or seat belts. Cranwell & Moore P.L.C. Attorneys at Law have worked on many cases of motorcycle accidents where the motorcycle rider rode for decades without any major incident before the serious accident occurred.

Motorcycle riders with increased risks are often advised by state authorities to use safety measures, such as wearing a Virginia Department of Transportation-approved helmet. However, even after following the various guidelines, a motorcycle rider may be faced with a major accident. In that case, the motorcyclist still has the right to pursue legal action with the help of experienced personal injury and accident lawyers.

In the event that the motorcycle accident injury leads to the victim’s death, the victim’s family can file a lawsuit against the driver and against the driver’s insurance company. The judge will look at various aspects of the case in order to determine the liability of the other driver, including the extent of the injuries, the driver’s prior driving history and the pain and suffering of the victim and of the victim’s family members.