A doctor’s mistakes may be compensable under medical malpractice

| Jul 17, 2015 | Medical Malpractice |

In their youth, many Roanoke County residents dream about becoming doctors. Professionals in the medical field are appealing role models because they help people all while being compensated for their knowledge and abilities. Doctors in this country are subjected to a rigorous course of education and training before they are allowed to actually serve patients; that heavy load of learning is intended to prepare them to make good and reasonable assessments of their patients’ health.

A doctor is supposed meet a certain standard of care every time he handles a patient’s needs. Whether he is a dermatologist assessing what medications to prescribe to an acne-prone teen or an oncologist creating a treatment plan for a cancer patient, a doctor must act reasonably given the facts of the situation he is working with and do what a reasonable doctor would do given the particular case. Acting within this standard of care is a professional duty for doctors, and when they fail to do so their patients can suffer serious harm.

When patient suffers a personal injury or illness as the hands of a doctor’s negligence, that patient may have a legal claim against that doctor based on a personal injury theory of law. Whether the harm came as a result of a failure to diagnose a medical condition, a bad treatment decision or a surgical error, a doctor who makes negligent errors or omissions in a patient’s care plan can be held liable for his wrongdoing.

The legal professionals of Cranwell & Moore have worked with clients who have endured significant hardships at the hands of irresponsible medical practitioners. The firm’s attorneys work with their clients to discuss important litigation-related matters before settling on a course of legal action. Though no result can ever be predicted at trial, Cranwell & Moore sets its clients up to make sound medical malpractice arguments when their health and injury-related matters go to trial.