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Medical negligence or medical malpractice often leads to serious injuries and complications for a patient. Several cases of medical malpractices, including surgical errors like wrong-site surgeries or anesthesia errors, have left a patient impaired or even disabled, often permanently. Certain cases of medical malpractice have also led to a patient’s unfortunate demise.

The attorneys at Cranwell Moore & Emick PLC, Attorneys at Law have helped numerous victims and families of victims initiate a medical malpractice lawsuit against responsible doctors or hospitals to get compensation for injuries or illnesses suffered by a patient. The irony of medical malpractice instances lies in the fact that instead of curing the patient, the medical procedure leads to a prolonged need of medical care.

It must be noted that not every doctor error is a legally valid case for medical malpractice. The petitioner will have to prove that the error committed not only resulted in grave injuries to the patient, but that the procedure was by itself improperly administered. Proving negligence can often become a grueling and technical procedure.

One of the most vulnerable groups of patients to medical malpractice is newborns, new mothers and the elderly. Birth injury defects including cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, forceps injuries and other forms of birth injury, all can lead to the child being impaired for life. The new mother may also suffer from numerous injuries during childbirth and labor due to negligent medical procedures.

The attorneys at Cranwell Moore & Emick PLC, Attorneys at Law collaborate with other medical experts, eyewitnesses and professional experts in order to bring forth the various evidence required to prove a case for medical malpractice.