Virginia observes Brain Injury Awareness Month all through March

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Brain injuries can often result in major complications for the injured individual. Two of the leading causes of brain injuries in Virginia, as well as other areas in the nation, are car accidents and sports injuries. Many victims of brain injuries incur significant medical bills due to the years of medical care and rehabilitation needed for their treatment.

In spreading awareness about the dangers of brain injuries, the authorities in Virginia have designated the month of March as Brain Injury Awareness Month. In many cases brain injuries may develop due to head collisions. In quite a few cases of head collisions, the injured victim may suffer from internal injuries as well, which may not be visible to the naked eye. Thus, the need to be aware of brain injuries becomes even more important.

The awareness drive was initiated by the Virginia Brain Injury Services and is being received as a great initiative that may help many brain injury victims. Money is being raised during the drive in order to help brain injury victims with rehabilitation. A marathon has also been organized for the end of the month in order to spread awareness about brain injuries.

Brain injury rehabilitation as well as medical care can be very expensive. The brain injury victim may even need the assistance of medical technology in order to continue with daily life. In many cases, the brain injury victim may be disabled for life. It is important to remember that these injuries not only cause physical pain and suffering but also financial adversities as well.

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