Legal recourse after experiencing medical malpractice

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Medical malpractice or medical negligence may be defined as any act or omission of any necessary act by the medical practitioner, which not only injures the patient but also digresses from the usual customs and practice of the medical professional in related cases. The patient as well as relatives and dependents have the right under Virginia law to initiate a medical negligence lawsuit.

The attorneys at Cranwell & Moore, Attorneys at Law, have had decades of personal injury law experience representing victims of medical negligence. Medical malpractice is a common law principle essentially rooted in the tort law principle of negligence where the burden of proving a case lies with the petitioner.

In many cases, defendants counter by trying to prove that the injury suffered by the victim was due to a patient’s medical condition or even a pre-existing condition. Since every human error would not be considered medical malpractice, proving such cases may become difficult. Having professional legal help from the experienced lawyers at Cranwell & Moore, Attorneys at Law may be beneficial for Virginia residents and may provide the extra edge needed to prove the case.

Misdiagnosis or a wrong prescription given by a medical practitioner may lead to severe complications for a patient. In many cases, infants have suffered birth injuries that may compromise their health and development for the rest of their lives. Often medical malpractice incidences may result in further complications that may lead to years of exorbitant medical bills. In all these incidences, our firm can help victims receive the help they need.

In many medical malpractice cases, the patient has died due to the negligence of the doctor so Virginia law allows the victim’s family to initiate wrongful death lawsuits in such cases.