Brain injury recovery may take six months to two years

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Residents of Vinton, Virginia, may sympathize with the people who have suffered brain injuries, as it may take months of years for these victims to fully recover. The treatment period may be difficult for the victim and his or her family both emotionally and financially.

During the first few weeks after a traumatic brain injury (TBI), swelling or bleeding may affect a person’s brain function, and that person may have problems remaining alert. The brain injury victim’s eyes may remain closed, and the victim may not be able to respond to directions by family members or other people.

A brain injury victim may also show inconsistent behavior, such as becoming agitated, getting nervous, getting frustrated for no reason, becoming restless or becoming physically aggressive. The person may also have difficulty sleeping. The early stages of the brain injury recovery process can be traumatic for the victim’s family. However, once the swelling decreases, things may get better and the person may recover.

The length of recovery depends on the severity of the injuries. In a moderate TBI, it may take between six months and two years. During the first six months of recovery, there may be a large amount of improvement, which may be visible to the brain injury patient’s family.

From the six-month mark to two years after the injury, the patient may continue to improve. However, after two years, the improvements may slow down. Some patients may continue to have problems, even years after the injury first occurred, although the patient may be in better shape than right after the injury. In the case of a traumatic brain injury, the person may not be able to recover fully from the injury and the length of the recovery may depend on several possible factors.

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