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Large commercial trucks can be seen on Virginia’s streets, roads and highways in all sorts of traffic and weather conditions and at all times of the day and night. These trucks generally travel without incident, but sometimes they are involved in crashes with other motor vehicles. Because of their size and weight, truck accidents often produce more serious injuries and damage than other accidents with smaller vehicles.

Truck accidents can have a variety of causes. Some are not the fault of drivers and may be caused by weather conditions, poorly maintained roads, equipment failure and the actions of drivers of other motor vehicles. However, in many cases in Virginia each year, commercial truck drivers are found to be at fault.

Truck can produce a wide variety of injuries. Injuries are often severe and result in significant medical expenses. Some of the conditions that lead drivers to make errors that result in accidents are exhaustion, drowsiness, intoxication and distractions from cellphones and smartphones. In the majority of accidents involving injuries or deaths, law enforcement agencies try to determine the exact cause. Sometimes, however, finding the exact cause requires additional investigation, and this is something that Cranwell & Moore PLC, Attorneys at Law, have done to help their clients in their efforts to recover compensation for damages and injuries.

If an accident is the result of a truck driver who was not following traffic rules, Virginia law allows any injured persons or surviving family members of someone killed in such an accident to attempt to recover compensation based on driver negligence. Victims and dependents can seek such compensation by filing personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. At Cranwell & Moore PLC, Attorneys at Law, we have defended the rights of truck accident victims for decades in order to help them get compensation and find some sense of justice.