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Car accidents cost millions in Virginia

Car accidents are one of the most predominant causes of injuries and fatalities in Virginia. Young people under the age of 34 are most susceptible to car accident related injuries and fatalities. So, it is no surprise that state authorities strictly prohibit drivers from violating traffic laws that could possibly result in any unsafe road conditions.

In addition to the lives lost and physical trauma inflicted by car accidents, these crashes also led to high medical expenses and long, drawn out litigation that may cost millions of dollars. Virginia authorities have estimated that around $863 million dollars are spent on car accident fatalities annually.

Out of this total cost, around $9 million dollars is spent on medical expenses. These expenses include the costs for head injuries and traumatic brain injuries, as well as spinal cord injuries among car accident victims. Injuries from car accidents can lead to impairments and disabilities that may be extremely expensive. Rehabilitation for accident victims, as well as medication to treat their injuries, can be a long and expensive process. Courts sometimes award significant compensation to the victim or family members to help pay for the medical expenses caused by an accident.

Many car accident victims suffer permanent, partial or temporary disabilities, and may even lose their jobs due to their disability. Virginia authorities have estimated that work loss costs due to car accidents amount to around $854 million annually. Family members of car accident victims who die as a result of another party’s negligence may be able to seek compensation for their financial difficulties.

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