Brain injury prevented by headgear in Virginia school

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Sports are one of the most common factors contributing to head injuries, which can sometimes result in traumatic acquired brain injuries. However, there are various laws and regulations passed by Virginia authorities in order to prevent such head injuries among student athletes.

High schools in Virginia have implemented regulations for the safety of their high school athletes who play contact sports. Even basketball, which is otherwise not thought of as a contact sport, may lead to head injuries that may result in traumatic brain injuries. In basketball, the players should also be obligated to follow the same head gear rules as players do in other sports.

Prevention seems to be the mantra adopted by the league for this ever-increasing issue. Many high school athletes who had previously sustained injuries during games have welcomed this new policy by the school authorities. Being a contact sport, basketball too has resulted in many head injuries, which can result in traumatic brain injuries for many high school athletes.

Traumatic brain injuries may occur for a variety of reasons and may lead to numerous prolonged complications. These complications may also lead to permanent, temporary or partial disability. Recovering from these disabilities and impairments may require years of rehabilitation and medical care. This kind of medical care can be very expensive for the traumatic brain injury victim and his or her family. Under Virginia law, there are various agencies that may be able to help the victim or his dependants and relatives to seek compensation or social security benefits for their disabilities.

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