Medical malpractice in Virginia: suing for compensation

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Medical negligence cases are not unheard of in Virginia. Thousands of patients suffer grave injuries and even lose their lives due to the mistakes of doctors. A medical or surgical error could cost a person life or limb or lead to serious issues, such as partial or total paralysis, brain injuries, strokes or even cancer. A mistaken diagnosis may lead to wrongful death or severe complications, which, in turn, result in a poor quality of life that a patient has to suffer due to the mistakes of another.

Every doctor or medical practitioner has a duty to provide a reasonable level of care to his or her patients. When a breach of that duty causes a patient to suffer injury, a medical malpractice occurs. However, the injury must be a direct consequence of the act or omission on the part of the doctor in order to constitute medical malpractice. In this situation, a patient or his or her representatives has the right to sue the practitioner or the hospital for negligence.

Medical malpractice patients can sue for injuries resulting from misdiagnosis, surgical errors, medical negligence, prescription and medication errors, birth injury, brain injury, neglect towards a patient, errors in the emergency room and obstetrical errors, among others. However, to establish a medical malpractice case, the victim must prove that a series of connected incidents led to the injury.

For instance, the lack of care on the part of the doctor, deviation by the doctor from a reasonable standard of care, a connection between the doctor’s act or omission and the injury suffered by the patient that qualifies as an injury for which compensation can be paid. A victim of medical malpractice is advised to consult an experienced Virginia medical negligence attorney who can provide sound guidance and help with the medical malpractice claim in order to help ensure adequate compensation.