Excessive driving may cause Virginia truck accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

Virginia residents are aware of the dangers of driving for long hours without adequate sleep. Drivers often try to fight tiredness, but continuous tired driving can definitely pose a dangerous risk. The consequences can be quite disastrous when commercial truck drivers are on the road for days on end, without the necessary sleep to recuperate.

Truck drivers are required by law to break for 10 hours between shifts, which should not exceed 11 hours. These laws are in place to help avert truck accidents. In comparison, commercial bus drivers have more leeway. They are allowed only an eight-hour break between shifts. Their typical shifts last for 15 hours, during which, the bus drivers can be on the road for 10 hours.

In 2003, driving rules changed for all commercial truck and car drivers, but commercial bus drivers were exempt because it would have been very costly to implement the rule. This change has brought down the number of truck accidents. Nonetheless, bus drivers are still exempt, and it may be argued that no change should be made because bus drivers rest for considerable periods during the day. The rule has still not been updated.

Whatever the rule, the loss of a loved one in any accident, be it by truck, bus or car accidents on a Roanoke, Virginia, road, can be irreparable. Besides the emotional loss of a loved one, financial damage may be inflicted as well, particularly if an injured person is the sole earning member of a family. Medical costs are also involved, work days are lost and other financial issues that may be too difficult to handle. In these cases, consulting an attorney, who can help recover compensation for the losses suffered, may help.