Gloucester County collision leaves one critically hurt

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Any person regularly operating a vehicle would be aware that road space is shared by a number of different vehicles. Each vehicle requires different degrees of care when driving, but perhaps none is as vulnerable, or as exciting, as a motorcycle. A motorcyclist in Roanoke, Virginia, is often not accounted for by other drivers when gauging the amount of road occupied. Thus, there is almost always greater danger in operating a motorcycle than in operating a different type of vehicle.

A recent motorcycle accident in Gloucester County, Virginia, resulted in the motorcyclist being critically injured. A police investigation revealed that the accident occurred when a pickup truck turned suddenly, resulting in a collision between the motorcycle and the truck. In the impact, the motorcycle was flung off the back of his bike. The driver of the pickup truck apparently did not halt after the accident, instead choosing to get away. Police described the accident as a felony hit-and-run, and have sought information about the pickup truck’s driver.

If the collision had involved a car instead of a motorcycle, the occupants of the car would potentially not have been thrown out of the vehicle and would be protected by seatbelts as well as airbags. Such protection is unfortunately not available to a motorcyclist, thus raising the chances of catastrophic injuries. Also, no matter how experienced or cautious the rider of the motorcycle may be, it is not always possible to anticipate sudden movement, as this case demonstrates.

A motorcycle rider injured in an accident invariably faces significant medical expenses. Virginia law requires motorcyclists to carry liability insurance, but such costs are usually met by the driver at fault for the accident. Sometimes, accidents may require legal intervention, in which case the victims or their families might need legal guidance in order to receive fair compensation.

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