Motorcycle crash in Virginia causes serious injury to one

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Given the greater degree of risk that motorcyclists expose themselves to while driving along the busy streets of Roanoke and other parts of Virginia, the safety precautions that drivers of other vehicles must take in relation to motorcycles must also be greater. Even seemingly minor things like an uneven layout of a road or a small pothole can cause catastrophic injuries to a motorcycle driver and other parties involved in a motorcycle crash.

The streets of Virginia recently witnessed such an accident, wherein the driver of a car made an unsafe lane change without noticing the motorcycle approaching from behind. A rather nasty collision resulted and the driver of the motorcycle had to be taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

The driver of the car has already been charged with violating provisions of Virginia law which prohibits unsafe lane changes. This incident goes on to emphasize the need for drivers to exercise particular caution while sharing roads with a motorcycle. If an accident occurs and the liability is ascribed to the negligent driver, then the driver or their insurance company may have to shell out a considerable amount of compensation. Given the legal procedures involved in such an accident, both parties may do well to seek the advice of legal counsel.

Motorcyclists seldom have sufficient protective barriers between themselves and the road or other potentially dangerous obstacles. Oncoming traffic may also make it difficult for other drivers to spot a motorcycle that appears to be a smaller target than a moving car or truck. In case of a motorcycle accident involving any other vehicle, one must look into whether the liability of the accident rests with the other driver; if so, then the latter may end up having to pay compensation for injuries the victim suffered, medical costs they incurred and any lost income.

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