Accident in Virginia leads to death of 100-year-old man

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The streets of Virginia, like those in all other U.S. states, are busy, and thousands of cars ride on them every single day. At any given time, many motorists fail to exercise sufficient caution in order to avoid the possibility of a car crash. A car accident can cause serious injury to those involved, and victims can undergo a considerable amount of pain and suffering in the process while incurring substantial medical expenses. Unfortunately, in some cases an accident can be so severe that someone involved dies.

For example, a recent accident in Albemarle County claimed the life of an elderly Virginia resident. The victim was a passenger in a car involved in a collision. According to a report, one vehicle attempted to make a left turn across traffic but failed to yield to an oncoming convertible, leading to a head-on collision. The drivers of both cars, however, were fortunate enough to emerge from the accident with relatively minor injuries. However, the victim, who had reached 100-years-old, died in the hospital a few days after the incident.

In the event of an accident with results similar to this, a victim or the members of a deceased’s family may attempt to hold the negligent driver financially responsible for the crash. In many cases, this compensation can make a substantial impact on the recovery process by covering medical expenses, lost wages and even funeral expenses when a loved one is lost.

While this accident is still being investigated, it’s possible that the members of the victim’s family may soon be contemplating whether to seek compensation from the driver who caused the accident. When someone does choose to seek legal advice from an experienced legal counsel, the attorney may be able to advise them on an appropriate course of action.

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