Virginia truck accident kills mother of three; driver summoned

| Apr 28, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

Whether one is a pedestrian, driver, or vehicle passenger, no one can fail to feel a sense of apprehension on watching a huge truck rushing towards them at breakneck speed. There are many factors that may be responsible for a truck accident, ranging from defective auto parts to negligent truck maintenance; however, what is common to most of them is the grave threat such accidents pose to the life or limbs of victims. Whether the accident originates from speeding or other antics of a negligent driver, or the lack of training of an unqualified truck driver, a truck accident carries the potential to be catastrophic.

Not only can such accidents rob a person of his or her life, but even if the victim is fortunate enough to survive it, it may still lead to temporary or permanent disability and associated medical expenses, and loss of livelihood. Therefore, if the liability for such an accident can be laid down conclusively at the door of one or more the parties involved, then the responsible parties can be compelled to pay adequate compensation to the victims of the accident.

The tragic demise of a woman on the streets of Virginia owing to such an accident once again draws our attention to the severity of such incidents. In this instance, a dump truck took a mother’s life while she had been trying to put her child inside her minivan. Witnesses to the accident attested to its severity and the narrow width of the road. Coupled with traffic congestion, the scene seemed ripe for an accident of some sort. The driver of the truck was recently summoned for failure to pay due time and attention.

The accident is still under investigation. In case the driver fails to clear his name, then he may be liable to pay a considerable sum of compensatory money to the victim’s family members. However, for a relatively smooth and hassle-free experience in obtaining such compensation, experienced legal advice can be seriously considered.

Source:, “Driver of dump truck issued summons after killing Arlington mom,” Kellee Azar, April 11, 2014