Tractor-trailer collides with Volvo truck, Roanoke driver charged

| Apr 18, 2014 | Truck Accidents |


The simple vision of two huge vehicles coming together in a head-on collision and causing serious injuries to the drivers and passengers inside those vehicles can scarcely be described with words sufficient to portray the trauma that the accident victim suffers. Even a single truck accident can cause extreme harm to pedestrians or drivers and passengers of a smaller vehicle that has been hit by a truck.

It may be truck driver fatigue that causes such an accident, inexperience of a new truck driver or the negligence of an inattentive truck driver. Determining who is at fault in such an accident is important because of the potential availability of payable compensation, which is often necessary, given the possible threat that the accident poses to the life and body of a person involved in it. Under certain circumstances, even if the accident does not end up causing any physical damage, it still may cause financial hardship to others by damaging their property, including their vehicles. Under such circumstances, the accident victim can demand compensation from the offending driver.

A similar accident recently occurred in Montgomery County, Virginia, where a driver from Roanoke, while driving a tractor-trailer, managed to rear-end a Volvo truck owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The truck crashed into a ditch and some of the goods that it had been hauling spilled out onto the road. The driver of the tractor-trailer was injured; however, he was still charged by the authorities for reckless driving.

Although the incident is still under investigation, if the driver’s liability can be established, he may be sued by the owner of the Volvo truck for compensation for the damages caused to the vehicle and the spilled goods. That is why people involved in similar accidents may wish to consult an experienced legal professional about their respective rights and liabilities in the event of such an accident.

Source: WDBJ Channel 7, “One hurt in I-81 Montgomery County wreck that has caused major delay,” Kimberly McBroom, April 11, 2014