Reckless driving causes fatal accident

| Apr 11, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A personal injury claim is one of the most common types of claims that result from a car accident. A car accident may cause serious injury and even death to the people involved and, as a result, such victims may not only suffer considerable pain and financial hardship because of lost wages but they may also end up having to bear considerable medical expenses.

Under such circumstances, a person’s liability for such a car crash must be established in order for adequate and just compensation to be paid to the victims of the accident. While a large number of similar claims are made across the United States, many of them may not be resolved easily or quickly. The situation may be even more complicated if insurance companies, as third parties, are involved.

The actions of a reckless driver have recently led to a similar situation in Virginia, causing death to more than one person. The accident occurred when the driver attempted to cross the road and did not yield the right of way to an incoming tractor-trailer. As a result, the two vehicles collided and although the car driver survived, the other three people involved did not survive the accident.

While investigations have not yet revealed any evidence of alcohol or speeding being responsible for the accident, the driver was charged with reckless driving. If the driver’s liability is proven in court, the family members of the victims may be able to successfully sue the driver for adequate compensation and, under such circumstances, may benefit from the experience and knowledge of a competent legal professional.

Source:, “UPDATE: 3 people killed in New Kent crash,” Scott Wise, April 8, 2014.