Virginia accident claims life of car driver

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Given the large number of vehicles that drive regularly at high speeds along the roads of Virginia, the possibilities of accidents taking place along those roads can seldom be discounted altogether. A car accident can cause severe injuries to one or more of the parties involved, and in the case of a head-on collision, the accident may even prove fatal. At the very least, the victims of such an accident often end up having to bear not only considerable pain and suffering, but also considerable medical expenses.

Therefore, if the liability for such an accident can be ascribed to the negligence or inebriation of one of the drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident, then the victim or his or her dependents may be able to recover adequate compensation from such negligent or drunk drivers. Under certain circumstances, however, the dangerous condition of the road or bad weather may also contribute to the accident, in which case, the driver’s liability can be reduced.

Interstate 81 recently experienced such an accident when a tractor-trailer collided with a car coming from behind and caused the death of the car’s driver in the process. The driver of the tractor-trailer had apparently braked his vehicle once he came across another vehicular collision ahead of him and it was not possible for the driver of the car coming behind to avoid a collision.

The accident is still undergoing investigation; however, even if the driver of the tractor-trailer is found to be blameless, the members of the victim’s family may still be able to obtain adequate compensation in the form of insurance claims, depending on whether the vehicle in question had been underinsured or over-insured.

Given the frequency of similar accidents and the complexities of the post-accident legal proceedings, the people involved in such crashes would perhaps be better off by being aware of their legal rights and duties and availing of proper legal assistance when deemed fit.

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