Motorcycle accident in Virginia leaves victim critical

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While the motorcycle riders do enjoy certain freedom as compared to, say, those driving cars, at the same time, they also have to bear a significant amount of risk that car drivers seldom get exposed to. Even road hazards like a pothole or an uneven layout, which are mere minor inconveniences to a car, may prove to be responsible for a fatal motorcycle crash, especially given the lack of protective barriers between the rider of the motorcycle and the road.

It also requires much more skill to successfully master riding a motorcycle and drive it in a controlled fashion than it is needed for a four-wheeler vehicle. Moreover, given the relative smallness of the visual target that motorcycles pose, they are also more prone to be subject to collisions with the oncoming traffic on a road.

In a motorcycle accident, the liability of the parties would depend on whether the accident can be attributed to a negligent or distracted driver. In cases where a motorcycle collides with a car, chances are the former rider would bear a graver injury than the car driver, although there can be exceptions. In any case, injury suffered from such an accident necessitates medical expenses as well as loss of income if the injury is grave enough for the victim to be unable to earn a living. This is the reason why such accidents need to be carefully investigated to attribute liability and obligation to pay adequate compensation. Recently, the streets of Virginia saw such an accident between a motorcycle and a car, which resulted in critical injuries to two people involved.

The accident took place when the car sought to take a turn and got hit by an oncoming motorcycle. The driver of the car was unhurt, but the two motorcycle riders had to be taken to hospital and the condition of one of them still remains critical. The matter is still under investigation and no charge has been filed as of now. However, if the car driver is proven to have made an unauthorized turn or similar sorts of negligence can be established, then she may have to provide compensation to the motorcycle riders. Given the requirement for such proof, parties involved in such an accident may do well if they seek expert legal advice regarding their rights and liabilities regarding the same.

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