Driver cited for reckless driving following car accident

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Virginia drivers often see various types of vehicles traveling on and near the roadways. It is important for drivers to exercise due caution around all other vehicles with which they must share the road, from motorcycles to other passenger cars and commercial trucks. Failure to drive properly and safely could lead to a serious car accident.

Following a recent accident in Ashburn, a driver was charged for reckless driving. According to reports, the accident involved a passenger vehicle and a dump truck. The crash happened when a 31-year-old female was driving her vehicle eastbound on Route 7. When the driver was near Claiborne Parkway, she struck the back of a dump truck that was stopped due to traffic.

Emergency crews responded to the crash and the female driver was airlifted to the hospital for treatment of the non-life-threatening injuries she suffered. The driver of the dump truck suffered injuries as well and was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Authorities are still investigating the crash, but officers charged the driver of the car with reckless driving.

When a driver is negligent and causes a crash, he or she could face traffic penalties and well as civil liabilities. If a person is injured in the accident, he or she might have a cause of action against the driver at fault. This could result in compensation being awarded to the victim to help pay expenses such as medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

A negligent or distracted driver, whether by being drunk, speeding or failing to yield, can easily cause a serious accident. Those affected by another’s negligence may file a personal injury claim in an effort to recover monetary awards to alleviate the financial burdens and deter such negligent driving in the future.

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