Three teens die in a crash with a fire truck in West Virginia

| Jan 24, 2014 | Truck Accidents |

Whether a driver is commuting to or from work, a child is traveling on a bus, a tourist is getting acquainted with the area, a truck making a long-distance shipment or a resident is out running errands, numerous vehicles frequent the roadways, ranging from small motorcycles to massive tractor-trailers. The various types of vehicles could play a role in an accident. Not all vehicles operate and maneuver the same and some have large blind spots. Being aware of these potential hazards could help prevent a truck accident.

Tragedy stuck a town following a fatal crash that involved a fire truck and an automobile. According to preliminary reports, the fire truck was in route to a chimney fire at the time of the crash. Three teens were traveling in their car. In their attempt to pass the vehicle ahead of them on the two-lane road, the driver was not able to pass the vehicle fast enough and collided head-on with the fire truck traveling in the opposite lane of traffic.

Firefighters in the truck worked to help the three teens in the struck vehicle. Two were pronounced dead at the scene while the third passenger later died at the hospital. Three of the six firefighters were injured in the crash and received medical care for the injuries they suffered.

Tragedy could happen at anytime on the roadways. The negligence of a driver could easily lead to a serious or fatal truck collision. In this case, an investigation will need to be conducted to determine cause and liability. Once that is established, a negligent party could face civil penalties. Even if the negligent actor did not survive the crash, those injured could file a personal injury suit against the negligent party’s estate in order to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wags and damages.

Watching speeds, being cautious when making maneuvers and avoiding distractions could help reduce accidents. Those affected by a truck accident should understand that they might have a cause of action for their injuries or for the loss of a loved one.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “3 W. Va. Teens Killed In Crash With Fire Truck,” Bob Allen, Jan. 19, 2014