Five-car crash in central Virginia results in injuries

| Jan 17, 2014 | Car Accidents |


Virginia residents know that the winter months mean possible snow and ice-covered roads. Winter conditions also mean that drivers must adjust their driving. Reducing speeds and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles is crucial. A negligent or distracted driver could easily lose control of their vehicle during inclement weather and cause an automobile collision.

Due to the slippery road conditions, authorities in Virginia were dispatched to multiple car accidents that occurred in central Virginia. According to preliminary reports, a multi-vehicle crash happened around 6 a.m. on January 10 near the intersection of Route 6 and Route 151. The accident involved five automobiles including a police trooper. An oncoming tractor-trailer attempted to go around the crash, but it caused another car to go off the road.

Emergency crews responded to the calls about the collision and assessed those involved in the multi-vehicle collision. There were reports of injuries but none were labeled as serious. It is not clear at this time how many were injured in the accident.

The collision is still under investigation and authorities have not reported any details about the cause of the accident. The icy conditions contributed to the crash, but a negligent driver could have been a factor as well. Following the accident investigation, authorities should be able to determine cause and be able to establish any liability.

If a negligent driver caused a crash, they would be liable for the resulting injuries and damages from the accident. Those injured could file a personal injury claim in order to recover compensation to cover expenses such as medical bills and lost wages.

Source: NBC 29, “Slippery Road Conditions Cause Multiple Morning Accidents, ” Jan. 10, 2014