Truck driver charged after crash with car

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

With winter weather easing into the Roanoke area, driving is expected to become a bit more difficult as the calendar creeps closer to the official start of winter (on or about December 22). The unfortunate (and expected) result is that more accidents will occur.

Against this backdrop, a recent truck accident brings about additional cause for concern. According to a recent Roanoke Times report, the accident occurred on Monday afternoon when a tractor-trailer crashed into a car carrying four passengers. Two of the occupants in the car were taken to local hospitals and authorities would not comment about whether their injuries were life-threatening.

Although the accident is still under investigation, the driver was cited for failing to yield the right of way. The accident occurred at West Main Street and Dow Hollow Road, and traffic was blocked in both directions for nearly an hour.

Traffic violations when accidents occur could be important should an injured party seek compensation for their injuries. Essentially, a criminal conviction could be used as evidence to show that a party failed to use reasonable care when operating a motor vehicle, and that such a failure was the proximate cause of the injuries suffered.

In the meantime, people involved in trucking accident are likely to suffer serious injuries because of the stark size difference between semi-trucks and passenger vehicles( commonly 40,000 pounds versus 2,000 pounds). As the potential for icy conditions increases, we hope that drivers of all vehicles will be conscientious about yielding the right of way.

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