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Avoiding collisions by using the passing lane correctly

When people encounter a slow-moving truck on the highway in Virginia, they often look for the fastest way to get past it so they can continue moving freely to their destination. While passing large trucks is certainly not prohibited, it can be incredibly dangerous if people do not take the necessary precautions to pass with safety. 

According to Lexington Toyota, passing should only ever happen in the left lanes. If people try to pass a slower moving vehicle from the right, not only is it illegal, but they could be fined and ticketed. Passing on the left is safer for both vehicles and allows the passing vehicle maximum visibility as they look for hazards that may prevent them from passing safely. 

What are the penalties for texting and driving?

Texting while driving is a problem in many areas of the country, and most states are updating their traffic codes to try to curb the problem. In Virginia, there are specific rules that govern the use of personal electronic devices while driving. Depending on what you use your device for and where you are driving, you may face different fines.

The Virginia Legislative Information System website contains the traffic code that covers texting and driving. According to the law, you may not use a personal handheld communication device to write, read, or send text messages while you are driving a moving vehicle. In fact, you may not read anything on your device except for caller identification information and the names and phone numbers stored in your device. The first time you violate this law, you may receive a fine of $125. Subsequent offenses may lead to a $250 fine.

You may not receive the pain medication you need

Surgery can be a scary prospect for even the bravest patients. After all, if you have to go under the knife, you likely face weeks of recovery. You may also have a great deal of pain. Of course, modern medicine offers a variety of ways to help you manage your discomfort. Unfortunately, though, you may not receive the pain medication you need to recover successfully. 

Recently, a nurse in Wythe, Virginia, pleaded guilty to stealing fentanyl from the hospital where she worked. Fortunately, she did not take pain medication from specific patients. With the opioid epidemic raging in Virginia and across the United States, you have to wonder if an addicted professional may deprive you of necessary pain medication. Here are some ways to ensure you receive the medication you need: 

Doctor accused of malpractice by hundreds of former patients

When people receive a life-altering diagnosis from their health care provider in Virginia, it can take a considerable time for them to come to terms with how this diagnosis will affect their future. What can be even more emotionally traumatic is if people receive a diagnosis that is incorrect and that creates difficulties in their life before they discover that they are not in fact, ill. 

This is exactly what happened to one woman who recently won a lawsuit against her former pediatrician after she received a critical misdiagnosis as a child. When the woman was only 9-years-old, her pediatrician diagnosed her with epilepsy after claiming that brain scans had come back with questionable results. He then prescribed the child anti-seizure medication which she continued to take for another four years. When evidence was found that she was feeling sluggish and unwell, a subsequent visit to another doctor revealed that her brain scans were completely normal and she did not in fact, have epilepsy. 

Why is social interaction so important in a nursing home?

If you are considering transitioning your loved one into a nursing home facility in Virginia, one factor you will want to look at as you begin comparing your options is the social environment. Finding a place where your family member can continue to form and strengthen valuable relationships is imperative to his or her ability to continue to feel important and valued even with a significant change in residence. 

Well-planned social activities will encourage your loved one to get to know other residents with whom he or she may find common interests and beliefs. Additionally, a facility that values the input and suggestions of residents is more effectively able to cater to the interests and likes the people that live there. suggests that even if your family member is subject to severe mental or physical handicaps that prevent him or her from actively participating in scheduled activities, committed staff members can still provide needed social interaction and support.

Motorcycle accident-related brain injuries

Motorcyclists in Virginia should always wear a helmet, and there are good reasons why. The most common fatal injury is to the head, and helmets substantially help reduce brain injury during a crash. Even those who survive with a brain injury can have long-lasting and debilitating effects.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there is a 69% reduced chance of head injury when a motorcycle rider wears a helmet and a 37% reduced chance of death. In the event a rider does not wear head protection, the consequences can be severe.

Motorcycle accident risks at night

Motorcycle collisions can occur at any time, but there are certain periods when the risk of a wreck is especially high. For example, the nighttime hours can be particularly dangerous for motorcyclists as well as those operating larger vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians. There are many reasons why riding at night can be so risky, from decreased visibility to driver fatigue and intoxicated driving. Whether you regularly ride your motorcycle at night or only take to the road at night once in a while, it is very important to be aware of the hazards you may encounter.

At night, motorcyclists, as well as drivers, can have difficulty seeing the road and other vehicles, which can increase the chances of a collision. Moreover, many people get behind the wheel while they are intoxicated during these hours, which can be especially dangerous when combined with other risk factors such as fatigue and poor visibility. Sadly, many lives have been lost due to motorcycle accidents that took place during the nighttime, and many more motorcyclists will be involved in these crashes throughout the summer.

3 tips for patients to avoid medication errors

Medications provide a variety of benefits to patients, from reducing symptoms to saving lives. That said, the processes of prescribing, dispensing and administering medications are not perfect. If something goes wrong during any step of the process, patients can suffer complications and injuries.

The burden of accurately ordering, packaging and giving drugs falls on health care professionals, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Patients can take certain steps to safeguard themselves from medication errors. 

Obsessive-compulsive disorder after a car crash

For many car accident victims, the consequences of the wreck are immediately visible. For example, someone may sustain a broken bone or some other type of injury and seek medical attention immediately. On the other hand, some car crash consequences are not easily detected and may come out in the days or even months following the accident. Some car accident victims may develop mental and emotional challenges following the collision, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, which can be incredibly detrimental.

If you have OCD as a result of a traffic accident, your daily life may have become very challenging. You may spend an unnecessary amount of time with certain simple tasks, and this disorder could even affect your ability to drive. Some people with OCD brought on by a traffic crash may decide that they do not want to drive altogether, while others may experience problems in their relationships and at work.

Depression and motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle collisions can be devastating, and many leave victims with broken bones, permanent scars and other injuries. Some motorcycle accidents claim lives, and there are many other hardships that motorcycle crash victims may endure. For example, many victims experience emotional hurdles in the wake of an accident. Depression can be especially challenging for motorcycle accident victims, many of whom will no longer be able to work in a physically demanding job or participate in other hobbies and activities that they have enjoyed for many years. It is important for victims of wrecks to handle these emotions properly.

Unfortunately, depression can give rise to other difficulties in life. For example, personal relationships may suffer because someone is feeling depressed, and they may lose interest in many of the things that have brought them joy throughout their lives. When a motorcycle accident victim decides to take legal action against a negligent driver who has turned their life upside down, they should not ignore the emotional consequences that they are dealing with. This is another form of suffering that reckless drivers should be held responsible for.

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