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Prescription medication and car crashes

People take a variety of prescription medications to help with various ailments. Some people take one drug, while others are prescribed multiple prescriptions for a number of health issues they are struggling with. Unfortunately, these medications can have unwanted side effects and they can create other problems in one’s life, in ways that some people may overlook. For example, someone may be likely to cause a car accident after taking a certain type of prescription. If you take prescription drugs that could impact your driving abilities, be mindful of these risks and stay off of the road if your driving abilities are affected.

Unfortunately, many people have not taken this advice and have gotten behind the wheel even though they could not drive safely due to prescription medication. From painkillers to drugs that tackle insomnia and anxiety, prescription medication can affect people in many ways and leave someone very intoxicated. Prescriptions can also make a driver drowsy, even if they do not feel intoxicated, and this can lead to a crash as well.

Virginia sees jump in drunk driving deaths in 2017

For many decades now, people who live in Virginia have heard about the dangers of drinking and driving. The fact that a person has a reduced ability to make proper decisions or react appropriately when operating a vehicle after they have consumed alcohol is nothing new. Yet, despite knowing this and despite strong laws, far too many people choose to ignore these realities and jump in their vehicles to drive while drunk.

Records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that the number of people who were killed in drunk driving accidents in Virginia in 2017 increased over the prior year. This was actually the second consecutive increase in drunk driving fatalities statewide. In 2015, 205 people lost their lives in crashes involving alcohol. In 2016, that number rose to 223 and in 2017, it rose again to 246.

Motorcycle crashes and ice on the road

Often, people decide that is best to avoid taking their motorcycle out during the winter months, especially in colder areas that see significant snowfall. However, some motorcyclists do ride during the fall and winter and there are various weather-related risks to watch out for during these seasons. In fact, many parts of the country are already seeing the accumulation of snow and some motorcyclists may be caught off-guard when ice appears on the road in early November. Unfortunately, bad weather conditions have contributed to many serious motorcycle accidents in Virginia, and motorcyclists, as well as drivers, should be very careful when any poor weather conditions threaten road conditions.

Riding a motorcycle when the roads are slick can be extremely dangerous, particularly when ice is present. Moreover, some ice may be difficult to see and many people have been injured or killed after riding over patches of black ice. Even when a motorcyclist does not lose control after going over ice, they may be struck by someone driving a vehicle who drives too fast when road conditions are dangerous. Ice can be especially concerning around sharp turns and on hills, but motorcyclists should always be vigilant.

Complications associated with forceps deliveries

For most moms, the ultimate goal of giving birth is to leave the hospital shortly after delivery with a happy, healthy infant, but in some cases, complications arise during the birthing process that make this dream impossible. If you have certain health issues that make the delivery particularly high risk, or if your labor fails to move forward as quickly as your doctors would like, they may decide to conduct a forceps delivery to improve the chances of a safe delivery.

Regrettably, however, forceps deliveries, which involve your delivery doctor removing your baby from your birth canal using a medical device that looks similar to salad tongs, can be risky for both mother and child. In some cases, one or both can suffer a serious injury. Just what types of injuries and issues are possible following a forceps extraction?

Overconfidence, winter weather and accidents

In many parts of the U.S., the winter months bring very poor weather conditions. Heavy snowfall, dense fog and ice accumulation on the road can all increase the likelihood of an accident significantly. When two vehicles collide at high speeds after one driver lost control due to ice, the consequences can be devastating. The chances of a crash can be reduced by safe and attentive driving when weather conditions are poor. Unfortunately, some drivers show little regard for road safety due to their overconfidence.

An overconfident driver may go way too fast around a turn or while driving down the road even though there is a great deal of ice (or black ice, which can be hard to see). Someone may be overconfident because of their personality or because they do not have very much experience driving in winter weather conditions. For example, someone who has spent their whole life in a warm area that does not receive snow may behave very differently while driving on roads in a northern state that receives significant snowfall.

Medical errors remain a leading cause of death in U.S.

Plenty of people have no problem entrusting their well-being to nurses and doctors. What those people fail to realize is that the risk of a mistake or negligence occurring in a hospital is far greater than they know. According to a recent report by Johns Hopkins, approximately 250,000 medical errors occur annually in the United States that lead to a patient's death. Other reports suggest that number could be much higher. 

Medical errors remain the third leading cause of death in the country, behind heart disease and cancer. Although you should see a doctor when you have become sick or injured, you need to be aware that mistakes are possible. If anything feels wrong after your procedure, then you should not assume it is normal. Medical mistakes happen all the time, and it is possible the doctor was negligent in your case. 

Motorcycle accidents on the freeway

Motorcycle crashes happen in all sorts of places and under various circumstances, from accidents caused by poor weather conditions to the use of intoxicating substances. Unfortunately, some motorcycle crashes can be especially devastating, such as those which occur at high speeds. On the freeway, a motorcyclist may be particularly vulnerable for a variety of reasons and if you ever ride your motorcycle on the freeway it is pivotal to pay close attention to all hazards.

On the freeway, drivers may switch lanes abruptly, which can be particularly risky at high speeds. If a driver runs into a motorcyclist while attempting to change lanes or pass another vehicle, they may knock the motorcyclist off his or her bike, which could cause significant injuries or result in the loss of life. Worse, a motorcyclist may be in the path of oncoming traffic and they may be struck by a vehicle while they are on the ground. Unfortunately, there are many reckless drivers on freeways across the U.S., which causes some motorcyclists to avoid freeways altogether.

Depression and the risk of a crash

Many people realize that a motor vehicle crash can cause depression. After all, suffering a major injury, losing someone you love or having your life turned upside down in other ways can certainly make someone very sad and emotionally devastated. However, it is also important to remember that those who suffer from depression may be more likely to cause an accident if they disregard certain areas of concern. In this post, we will examine some of the ways in which depression could increase the chances of a collision.

For starters, some people who suffer from depression may have problems with their sleep, which could lead to drowsy driving, or they may be distracted and have poor mental focus while driving. Moreover, depression can be associated with drug and alcohol abuse, which may lead to intoxicated driving. Furthermore, some medications that are taken by those who struggle with depression could impact their ability to drive. These are just some of the challenges that some people who have depression may face and it is crucial for people in this position to know the risks and make safe driving a priority.

Make sure your medical malpractice case can stand

When people visit their physicians, they trust the physicians to provide the proper care that they need. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and some physicians may cause more harm than good.

malpractice case may be able to assist individuals in rectifying the situation; however, proving malpractice is not an easy feat. There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your medical malpractice case may stand.

Children and pedestrian accidents

In a recent post, we looked into high speeds and the likelihood of a pedestrian accident claiming someone's life. There are many other issues related to pedestrian accidents that are important to keep in mind, especially for those who frequently walk on or alongside the road as well as the parents of young children. In this post, we will analyze some of the risks that children may come across while walking and draw attention to this especially concerning issue.

Children may be hit by cars in many different ways. For example, a child may run across the road abruptly, without looking. In other instances, a child may be struck by a reckless driver while they are trying to use a crosswalk or walking on the sidewalk. Kids may find themselves in a pedestrian accident while they are walking to school, playing with their friends during the weekend or simply spending some time in front of their house. With Halloween around the corner, this is an especially concerning matter due to trick-or-treating, where many children take to the roads.

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