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Car accident fatalities decreasing

The risk of a car accident never goes away, whether drivers in Virginia remain aware of it or not. However, the good news according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is that fatalities resulting from car accidents are finally decreasing. The 1.8 percent drop follows two consecutive years of spikes in the number of fatal crashes. While a decrease certainly gives reason for celebration, it nonetheless helps to obscure the fact that 37,133 people died on U.S. motorways in 2017.

The NHTSA identifies the main causes of these accidents as driving under the influence, speeding and distracted driving. Drug-impaired driving was also named as an emerging issue that will need to be addressed if the downward trend is to be maintained.

How a recent medical malpractice case unfolded

Like most residents of the Roanoke area, you have a high level of respect for health care professionals. When you feel ill, you trust doctors and nurses to provide exemplary care. As you know, however, mistakes often happen. When medical malpractice leads to significant injuries, you must act quickly to assert your legal right to seek compensation. 

In a recent case, Cranwell & Moore negotiated an $800,000 settlement for a medical malpractice case. As with all matters attorneys at the firm handle, the specific details are confidential. Nonetheless, if you think you may have sustained an injury due to medical malpractice, you should understand how this recent case unfolded. 

Research shows observational limits cause motorcycle crashes

Many drivers of passenger vehicles in Virginia probably do not realize that they are a threat to motorcyclists. Even the most careful drivers may cause an accident, though, thanks to limits in how the eyes take in information and how the brain processes it.

According to Road & Track, if the brain had to process everything the eye takes in, it would suffer from severe information overload. So, it develops shortcuts, especially in familiar environments, and these can lead to a failure to recognize a motorcycle moving toward the vehicle.

Who is responsible when truck cargo causes an accident?

No doubt you have been in a vehicle on the highways of Virginia when debris appears, seemingly from nowhere, and strikes the windshield. Sometimes, this startles everyone in the car, but in other cases, cargo flying or falling from a commercial truck can have devastating effects on the vehicles in its path. Regardless of the level of damage the cargo causes, the Code of Virginia has something to say about who is responsible.

According to Article 20, Loads and Cargoes, companies must use certain methods to secure the loads that are on or in their vehicles. For example, a truck hauling cargo that may roll or shift during transport must use one of the following: 

  • Log chains
  • Nylon webbing
  • Metal cables
  • Steel straps
  • Another adequate and appropriate restraining device

What information should you give your insurance company?

There is little else as traumatizing as being involved in a car accident in Virginia. While you can do your best to follow traffic laws, be a vigilant and defensive driver and avoid distractions behind the wheel, there are undoubtedly times when you may encounter hazards that are unavoidable. If you are involved in an accident, dealing with the aftermath can be time-consuming and frustrating at times. 

One of the things you will need to do after your car accident is to contact your insurance company and disclose the details of your crash. Often, they will need a variety of information to help them determine who was at fault, whether or not you have a policy that is adequate to cover your accident and how your involvement will or will not affect your insurance rate going forward. 

Breaking down the Glasgow Coma Scale

It may surprise you to know how many of those that we here at Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law see after having seen loved ones suffer brain injuries who assume that the only outcome of such an accident is life in a vegetative state. It's perfectly normal to immediately assume the worst after hearing that a family member or friend has suffered such an injury. In reality, however, there is a scale of brain injury severity, and depending on where your loved one falls on that scale, a complete recovery may be entirely possible. 

As is the case with any major injury, clear and transparent communication between you and your family member or friend's health care providers is important to understanding their long-term prognosis. One important question that you will want to ask is what was their Glasgow Coma Scale sore. This score indicated the severity of injury they suffered. It is determined by how well your loved one responds to stimuli, how active their eye movement is, and how well they are able to communicate. Point values are assigned for each of the three categories, and then summed to provide an overall score. 

Most common mistakes made by OB/GYNs

Many women depend on their OB/GYNs to know how their reproductive health is. However, similarly to any other medical profession, OB/GYNs can still commit negligence and malpractice. In one case in Ohio, a woman successfully sued her OB/GYN, and a similar case could happen in Virginia at any time.

A woman may trust her OB/GYN implicitly, but she should still remember that anyone can make a mistake. When it comes to the medical field, a mistake could seriously compromise a patient's health. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of the possibility of medical mistakes when it comes to an OB/GYN. Here are the most common types of malpractice in this field.

What are some major surgical mistakes?

If you have to go in for a surgical procedure in Virginia, you should not have to worry about what things can go wrong. Unfortunately, however, surgical mistakes do occur and some of them lead to medical malpractice claims.

According to the Patient Safety Network, there are three types of serious errors that occur. These include surgeries to the wrong place, those to the wrong person and incorrect procedures. Out of these errors, the most common one is performing a procedure on the wrong side of the patient. While these mistakes are rare, they are ones that should never happen. Because of the seriousness of these errors, prevention protocols are continually updated. Some of the focuses of prevention include:

  • Site marking
  • Surgical timeout to improve communication
  • Individual vigilance
  • Focus on safety culture
  • Strong teamwork

Driving during strong winds

In the fall months, a number of hazards may be brought on by weather conditions. Some areas may see heavy rain and even snowfall and ice, which can certainly make it more difficult to drive. But the wind is another area of concern and some drivers do not pay attention to the different reasons why it can be dangerous to drive during strong winds. In this post, we will look at some of the hazards that are associated with heavy winds, which can lead to deadly car accidents.

There are many different risks to consider when it comes to driving while it is extremely windy. For example, strong gusts may cause tree limbs to fall down, which can become an obstacle on the road. If a fallen tree or tree branch is in another lane, a driver may cross the middle of the road and drive into oncoming traffic. Moreover, when wind knocks down tree limbs, it can also knock down power lines. Wind can also blow debris onto the road and onto a driver’s windshield, which can cause a crash.

Prescription medication and car crashes

People take a variety of prescription medications to help with various ailments. Some people take one drug, while others are prescribed multiple prescriptions for a number of health issues they are struggling with. Unfortunately, these medications can have unwanted side effects and they can create other problems in one’s life, in ways that some people may overlook. For example, someone may be likely to cause a car accident after taking a certain type of prescription. If you take prescription drugs that could impact your driving abilities, be mindful of these risks and stay off of the road if your driving abilities are affected.

Unfortunately, many people have not taken this advice and have gotten behind the wheel even though they could not drive safely due to prescription medication. From painkillers to drugs that tackle insomnia and anxiety, prescription medication can affect people in many ways and leave someone very intoxicated. Prescriptions can also make a driver drowsy, even if they do not feel intoxicated, and this can lead to a crash as well.

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