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2 people killed in tragic Christmas Eve car crash

Many Virginia residents have been involved in a motor vehicle accident of some sort at some point in their lives. A car crash can happen for a number of reasons, and the results may range from minor to catastrophic. However, sometimes a crash is caused by one driver's negligence, and although the driver may be affected in some way, unfortunately, often other people bear the brunt of the consequences.

In one recent case, two people were killed on Christmas Eve when a 35-year-old man driving a tractor-trailer collided with another vehicle. According to a Virginia State Police press release, the northbound tractor-trailer driver was trying to turn left into a gas station. However, as he was doing so, he crashed into the other, southbound, vehicle.

Fatal car accident claims life of mother, injures 2 others

Sometimes, people become involved in a tragedy that changes everything for them and everyone around them. It seems one minute all is well, and suddenly, in the next moment, something terrible has happened, such as a fatal car accident. In one such incident in Virginia, one person was killed and two others seriously injured when a truck collided with a small car at an intersection near the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

The crash happened mid-morning on a recent Friday. According to a witness, the car turned at the intersection and was T-boned by a truck. Apparently, the car spun out of control and hit the truck twice more. Reportedly, several people nearby rushed to help the victims.

You know about emotional eating, but emotional driving?

They call it comfort food for a reason. It makes you feel better when you are bored, tired, sad and maybe even mad. Eating with your emotions is something many people do, and while it may affect their waistlines, it doesn't usually put other people in danger.

What may put other people in danger is when your emotions control how you drive. If you were to think about the last time you were upset while behind the wheel, you know it can happen. Your emotions can distract you from the road, slow down your reaction time and affect your judgment.

Tragic multi-vehicle car accident results in woman's death

Likely, some Virginia drivers occasionally find themselves following too closely behind the vehicle in front of them. For safety reasons, this practice is not recommended; in most cases, the moment passes and no harm is done. However, some drivers who follow other cars too closely end up causing a car accident, especially if other factors are at play, such as speeding and/or reckless driving.

In a recent example, a woman died after a man driving a box truck set off a multi-vehicle collision. The horrific incident happened early on a Monday evening. The box truck driver first rear-ended another vehicle, then crashed into the rear of a pickup truck. The second crash pushed the pickup off the road and into a wall. That vehicle then overturned onto another vehicle, causing it to collide with yet another vehicle.

Baby's death leads to medical malpractice lawsuit

As most Virginia parents know, children can often provide challenging moments, and sometimes, these moments include dealing with injuries and illnesses. In most of these situations, a parent will take his or her child to a physician, with the assumption that that person will provide an accurate diagnosis and will do whatever is necessary to reduce or eliminate the pain or discomfort the child is feeling. Unfortunately, in some cases, a trusted professional will overlook crucial details during an examination, and occasionally, the results are tragic. In a recent example, a baby died when doctors failed to notice a foreign object in his throat, and his parents recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit.

In Dec. 2017, the boy's mother took him to a medical center for his one-year wellness checkup. According to the lawsuit, the mother informed the doctor that her son had been persistently wheezing for several days prior to the appointment. The doctor concluded that the diagnosis could be one of several possibilities, including a cold or asthma. She prescribed steroids and recommended the patient return two weeks later.

Car accident at Navy base claims life of young sailor

Likely, many Virginia residents have, at some point while on the road, witnessed someone else driving recklessly. Such behavior often involves extremely high speeds and some of these drivers can even be seen veering into other lanes of traffic. These types of incidents can happen for a number of reasons, but in any case, drivers who behave irresponsibly are a potential danger to others, sometimes causing a serious or even fatal car accident.

As a recent example, for an as yet unknown reason, a man in a pickup drove into oncoming traffic and onto a Navy base in Virginia Beach. According to police, the 38-year-old man was traveling northbound when he suddenly moved into the opposite lane and veered onto the base at a high rate of speed. Reportedly, people manning gate security notified others on the base that a vehicle had entered the area on the wrong side of the road, and emergency measures were put in place.

Virginia car accidents: 1 woman dead and 2 others injured

Many Virginia residents enjoy getting together with friends and socializing over a few alcohol beverages. Most people, most times, do so responsibly. However, even with the proliferation of warnings about the dangers of driving after drinking, some people will still make the poor choice to get behind the wheel of a car when they should not. Such reckless behavior can result in car accidents, some of which are fatal. Unfortunately, this is what happened recently when a woman from a different state drove a car into a tree, causing death and serious injury to the occupants.

The crash happened in the very early morning hours. Three women visiting from a different state were traveling in a car on Interstate 64. As the car came onto an exit ramp, it left the road and hit a tree. One of the passengers, a 33-year-old woman, was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. Another passenger in the same vehicle, a 29-year-old woman, was taken to a different hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Hit-and-run car accident results in pedestrian fatality

Many Virginia residents enjoy walking as a leisure activity, a form of exercise or simply as an inexpensive way to get outside and breathe fresh air. Some people must walk since it is their only available form of transportation. In any case, pedestrians often must share road space with various types of motorized vehicles, and unfortunately, when a car accident involves a pedestrian, the pedestrian does not usually fare well. Such was the case when a woman was struck by a vehicle and killed while crossing a Norfolk intersection.

The incident happened late in the afternoon on a recent Saturday. According to police, the 62-year-old woman was crossing the intersection at a crosswalk. A dark-colored sedan struck her, but the driver then fled the scene in the vehicle.

Will you be taking an evening stroll to see Christmas lights?

Even if you do not personally celebrate Christmas, you might still enjoy seeing all the beautiful light displays that often adorn Virginia neighborhoods this time of year. Some communities actually have friendly competitions, with pedestrians and other travelers voting on which displays they like best. If you plan on walking around town to look at Christmas lights, there are several safety tips to keep in mind, especially if you will have children with you.

The holidays can be a festive, joyful time of year, but when it comes to traveling on foot, it can also be a highly dangerous time. There are typically more vehicles on the road as people rush around to do their holiday shopping. Sadly, there are also usually more drunk and distracted drivers on Virginia roadways during the holidays as well.

Police locate, arrest man who fled following fatal car crash

Most people have a sense of moral integrity and compassion for others that would prevent them from fleeing a tragic situation, even if they may have been the cause. However, sadly, some people will run from such a situation, likely in an attempt to avoid the fallout. In a recent example, Virginia State Police located and arrested a man wanted for questioning following a fatal car crash in Culpeper County after he walked away from the hospital where he had been transported for treatment.

The crash happened just past midnight when the individual lost control of his vehicle and crossed over the center line into the lane moving in the opposite direction. His vehicle collided head-on with another vehicle. The 54-year-old woman driving that vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene. Two passengers in her car, a 27-year-old man and a 55-year-old man, suffered life-threatening injuries and were transported by air to a medical facility.

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