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Sidecar motorcycle accidents

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, people may not picture a motorcycle with a sidecar. However, many of these motorcycles have been involved in traffic wrecks as well, some of which have even proven fatal. There are a number of reasons why sidecar motorcycles can be dangerous, even if some people may assume that they are safer than other motorcycles. If you ride a motorcycle with a sidecar or ride in a sidecar, it is important to be aware of the dangers on the road and go over your options in the event that you are hurt in a crash.

For starters, some people may not be experienced operating a sidecar motorcycle, which can increase the chances that a collision will take place. Moreover, other drivers may not see the sidecar, especially at night or when visibility is low, which can increase the chances of the sidecar being struck by a vehicle. Moreover, various risk factors such as drunk drivers and distracted driving can result in a sidecar motorcycle accident and the outcome can be especially devastating for those riding in a motorcycle sidecar.

Issues with e-prescribing can lead to liability exposure

Electronic prescribing has been part of the healthcare scene since 2003, and most medical practices and pharmacies use this system. E-prescribing was developed to reduce prescription errors and increase patient safety. However, issues still exist, which may cause harm to a patient and open the provider to liability

Alert fatigue

When you are rear-ended by a reckless driver

Motor vehicle accidents happen in many different ways. Some people are struck head-on by another vehicle, while others may be T-boned or struck from the side by a driver who was trying to switch lanes abruptly. Moreover, some accidents occur when a vehicle is rear-ended. While some of these accidents may not result in serious injuries or the loss of life, especially if the vehicles are traveling at slow speeds, others are incredibly devastating. Moreover, these accidents can be terrifying, and they can also result in various consequences (such as financial issues) even if nobody is injured.

A reckless driver may slam into the back of your vehicle because they are intoxicated, speeding or distracted due to their phone, among numerous other reasons. There are far too many people like this on the road and they need to be held accountable for causing an accident when one occurs. They may slam into you at a high rate of speed, which could cause you to become seriously hurt. It can be incredibly frightening when your vehicle is unexpectedly struck from behind and you should not be afraid to look into your legal options afterward.

Teen drivers and road safety

If you are a parent, you may have many concerns with respect to the safety of your teen. Or, you might be a young person who has never driven before, and you may be worried about the likelihood of an accident once you start to learn how to drive. Regardless, it is crucial to make sure that you are fully prepared for any potential risks and do what you can to reduce the likelihood of a collision occurring. Unfortunately, many young lives have been lost and many teens have been left with lifelong injuries due to motor vehicle collisions.

For starters, you can help your teen realize some of the risks they may face behind the wheel. For example, if weather conditions have deteriorated, or if your teen is driving at night, you should try to remind them of the importance of being vigilant. Distractions are a major risk when it comes to road safety, especially for younger drivers. Smartphone use can significantly increase the chances of a collision and many teens use their phones regularly to keep in touch with friends and share posts on social media. Unfortunately, phone use behind the wheel can take a driver’s hands, eyes and attention off of the road, which may lead to a devastating accident.

Damages in a Virginia medical malpractice case

When a person suffers injury as a result of negligence, an ensuing lawsuit generally has two major components: liability and damages. Before you can ask that the defendant compensate you for your losses, you will need to show that he or she acted negligently, thereby causing the injury.

Once you have demonstrated liability, you will also need strong proof to support your damages claim. At this phase, defendants often try to argue that a plaintiff's losses are less than he or she claims, or that someone other than the defendant made the consequences of the injury worse, increasing the losses.

How does speed affect the chances of a pedestrian being killed?

For a pedestrian, there are a number of dangers which may be present on the road. Drunk drivers, those who go over the speed limit intentionally or accidentally and distracted drivers can all pose a serious threat to the safety of pedestrians. Moreover, when a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle that is much larger, they may be especially likely to lose their life or sustain a massive injury, in comparison to those who are involved in an accident while riding in a vehicle. Many factors can affect how likely a pedestrian is to be hurt or killed in an accident, such as the speed at which the vehicle that struck them was traveling.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has published very insightful information on the likelihood of a pedestrian becoming seriously hurt or passing away when they are struck by a vehicle traveling at a certain speed. Data from 2011 shows that when a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle traveling at 20 miles per hour, the chances of the pedestrian becoming seriously hurt or killed was 18 percent. On the other hand, vehicles traveling at 40 miles per hour had a 77 percent chance of causing a pedestrian fatality or serious injury when an accident took place.

Poor eyesight and the risk of a crash

A person’s ability to drive properly may be adversely affected by a variety of factors, such as intoxication due to alcohol consumption or even prescription medication, fatigue, distractions and so on. However, some people may be unable to drive well because of poor eyesight. Worse, some drivers may not realize that their eyesight has deteriorated to a point which makes it unsafe to drive and they may continue to get behind the wheel.

When someone struggles with their vision, they may cause an accident and they may also have more difficulty avoiding an accident caused by another driver. For example, they may not be able to see very far down the road, whereas a driver with good vision might have been able to notice that a reckless driver heading in the opposite direction had crossed into their lane. Poor eyesight can also keep drivers from noticing various obstacles on the road or debris that has fallen onto the roadway, for example.

Bicyclist safety during the night

For those who ride bicycles, the road can be especially dangerous. After all, in the event that a collision occurs involving a vehicle, with such little protection a bicyclist may be seriously hurt or killed. Helmet use and the use of other safety gear (such as reflective clothing) can be tremendously helpful. However, threats posed by reckless drivers, such as those who drive while under the influence, can lead to bicyclist fatalities regardless of the precautionary measures taken by a bicyclist. Moreover, certain times of day and riding at night can be particularly dangerous.

There are many reasons why riding a bike at night can be so dangerous. For starters, with reduced visibility, a driver may have a harder time seeing a bicyclist. Moreover, bicyclists may have more difficulty seeing as well, and some may accidentally find themselves riding in a vehicle’s path. Aside from visibility issues, there are many people who drive drunk during the night and this is also a concerning time to be on the road with respect to driver fatigue. There is an increase in the number of fatigued drivers during the nighttime hours and they may be more likely to collide with a bicyclist.

2 issues that lead to delayed cancer diagnoses

Every year, thousands of patients in the Vinton area and across the country receive cancer diagnoses. If you suspect you may have cancer or have recently learned it, you may not realize how important it is to get immediate and timely care. Though you must rely on medical professionals to provide a proper diagnosis, mistakes often occur during the process, leading to delays in treatment and recovery. 

Mistakes are an unfortunate aspect of the medical field that often results in harm and further injury to patients. To prevent yourself from encountering issues with your care that could complicate your health and life, consider the following information about medical errors and cancer diagnoses

Avoiding debris on the road

Drivers have to keep an eye out for all sorts of hazards while they are behind the wheel, including traffic signs, other vehicles, patches of ice on the road and many other potential areas of concern. However, debris on the road can be especially concerning and has played a role in many motor vehicle collisions over the years. Furthermore, there are many different types of debris on roadways across the U.S. and this debris can cause an accident in different ways.

During heavy winds, tree limbs may be knocked down and fall onto the road. Or, an animal such as a raccoon or a deer may be killed while trying to cross the street and the carcass may be lying on the road. Various types of debris may fall out of a vehicle, such as material that is being transported by a semi truck or trash that has been discarded by a driver. When these various forms of debris are present on the road, they can lead to a devastating accident in different ways.

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