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How to approach a strange dog

Discover how to approach and act around a strange dog to avoid an attack. Get advice for various situations in which you may encounter dogs.

At some point, everyone has an encounter with a dog they do not know. These situations can often be scary and unnerving. For someone who does not know how to react, it can easily lead to a bite or attack. Staying safe requires learning how to handles strange dogs when you find yourself in a situation with them.

When no owner is present

If a person comes across a stray dog or loose dog with no owner in sight, it is imperative that he or she uses extreme caution. There are many unknowns in such as situation, including whether the dog is aggressive or sick.

The Farmers’ Almanac suggests moving away from the dog before coming close to it. For example, a person walking can cross the street to give the dog plenty of space. However, people should avoid running away from a dog. It is better to back away slowly.

Remaining calm is also important as loud noises or abrupt actions can startle a dog and increase the chances of aggressive behavior. and injuries Soothing words in a low voice can help if a dog is approaching. People should also try to place something between themselves and the dog, such as a bag or coat.

When the owner is present

The situation is a little better if the dog’s owner is present as he or she can hopefully control the dog before the situation escalates. The American Kennel Club explains that people should not pet or otherwise approach a dog without permission. It could lead to an attack if the dog feels threatened. Plus, the owner knows best whether the dog is friendly and will welcome a pet from a stranger.

Even if the owner gives permission, a person should always wait for the dog to come to him or her. Even if the situation seems friendly, a person should avoid doing anything that could come across as threatening. He or she should avoid direct eye contact and hold his or her hand in a fist for the dog to sniff.

Final warning

The best piece of advice for anyone in a situation with a strange dog is to stand still, looking down and with arms tucked at the sides of the body. This pose is calm and should not trigger a dog who is uncertain about the situation.

Sometimes, no matter how careful a person is around a strange dog, attacks happen. Anyone who suffers a bite from a dog should consider taking legal action to prevent it from happening to someone else. Seeking the advice of an attorney, such as Cranwell & Moore P.L.C., Attorneys at Law, can help a person to know if he or she should pursue the matter further.