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What should I expect from a truck accident settlement?

A semi-truck accident can dramatically affect a Virginian's life. From significant physical injuries, to lost wages, to expensive car repairs, an injured Virginian may be wondering how to rebuild. Some Virginians may choose to pursue a lawsuit against a negligent truck driver or truck company. Some injured victims may wish to take their case to a trial, while others may determine that a settlement is in their best interests. It can be helpful to understand some of the advantages and disadvantages that exist for truck accident settlements.

How do federal regulations address truck driver fatigue?

Many Virginia residents may know that truck drivers often work long hours. To make their deliveries and to get home to their families, truck drivers may try to drive for long periods of time at a stretch. Unfortunately, driving without proper rest can be extremely dangerous and may contribute to truck accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recognizes the importance of preventing truck driver fatigue, and the associated accidents, and imposes limits on truck drivers regarding how long they may drive without breaks.

Truck companies may be legally liable for victims' injuries

Following a serious collision with a truck, a Virginia resident may be unsure where to turn, and what to do. He or she may be dealing with serious injuries after being slammed into by an 18 wheeler and wondering who is legally responsible for the accident. In some situations, the trucking company may be legally liable.

Lawyers help Virginia victims injured by truck drivers

An accident can happen in an instant. One minute, traffic is moving along smoothly and the next, cars and trucks are crumpled and people are injured. Following a Virginia car or truck accident, there are a lot of potential questions to be answered, from what type of damages may be pursued, to how to determine who was at fault.

NTSB points at truck driver fatigue in the Tracy Morgan crash

Many residents of Virginia may be aware of the accident involving comedian-actor Tracy Morgan that resulted in him sustaining serious injuries. In the same wreck, another comedian, James McNair, was killed. The accident occurred when the Limousine van carrying the artists was hit by a Wal-Mart truck. Since then, this incidence has triggered a nationwide concern and has also initiated a meeting by the National Transportation Safety Board in Washington, D.C.

Truck accident claims life of teenage bicyclist in Virginia

Many people in Virginia use a bicycle to commute to work. This practice is common among teenagers who are too young to drive a car and work at a business within a distance that can be easily covered on a bicycle. Sadly, tragedy strikes too often when bicyclists fall victim to accidents with motor vehicles using the same roads. The outcome is usually far worse when an accident involves a larger vehicle, such as a tractor trailer.

Hours-of-service rules aim to keep tired drivers off the road

Commercial vehicle drivers often must meet extreme scheduling demands set by their employers or those who contract for their services. Unfortunately, this often means that truck and bus drivers do not get the sleep or rest that they need to be alert and attentive to road and traffic conditions. All too often, drivers are unable to respond quickly to emergency events, even if they do not actually fall asleep while driving. This problem has vexed federal and state regulators for years.

Helping truck accident victims find compensation

Large commercial trucks can be seen on Virginia's streets, roads and highways in all sorts of traffic and weather conditions and at all times of the day and night. These trucks generally travel without incident, but sometimes they are involved in crashes with other motor vehicles. Because of their size and weight, truck accidents often produce more serious injuries and damage than other accidents with smaller vehicles.

Congress poised to roll back rule meant to curb truck accidents

A truck accident could potentially be very serious given the sheer size of the vehicle involved in the crash. The damage could be catastrophic and might lead to the loss of life. State law enforcement officials as well as federal legislative authorities have tried to deploy measures and regulations that curb the number of such incidents. The cause of a truck accident can sometimes be traced to speeding or truck driver fatigue.

What can Virginia drivers do to avoid truck accidents?

The distinction between a truck and another type of vehicle is easily made. Those who have driven on public roads, whether in Roanoke, Virginia, or elsewhere, have shared road space with a truck at some point and know the need for extra precaution. Trucks, simply put, occupy a greater volume, carry much more weight and must be driven with caution. However, other drivers must also exhibit greater awareness and road discipline around these vehicles in order to minimize the risk of a truck accident.

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