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On the road: Conditions that threaten motorcycle safety

Road conditions in Virginia that may be perfectly safe for commercial and passenger vehicles could pose serious risks to motorcyclists. While avoiding these altogether may be an option sometimes, anyone who is operating a motorcycle should know what to do when faced with less than favorable road surfaces. According to the Virginia Department of Transportation, riders should plan ahead and check routes for construction or other potential dangerous road conditions. In these areas, hazard signs should be posted, and riders should be familiar with their meanings.

5 types of dangerous drivers who cause motorcycle crashes

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to be catastrophic. Knowing this, riders typically take whatever precautions they can to protect themselves. This could include wearing protective gear, performing regular bike maintenance and completing training.

Car's failure to yield to red light kills motorcyclist in crash

Motorcycles are a constant on Virginia roadways and it is important that those sharing the road with them be aware of their presence. That includes making sure to adhere to the traffic laws and acknowledging the reality that the relatively unprotected nature of motorcyclists leaves them vulnerable to injuries and even death in a motorcycle crash. When there is a motorcycle accident, those that were affected by it must be aware of how to pursue compensation to pay for all the issues that arise after the fact.

What are common types of motorcycle collisions?

Traveling in any vehicle presents the possibility of being involved in an accident. Traveling by motorcycle can be particularly dangerous, as this mode of transportation provides less protection for a driver in the event of a collision. Virginia motorcyclists ought to be aware of some of the most common motorcycle accidents to help them avoid catastrophic injuries.

Legal representation essential after motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents present huge risks for Virginia bikers. Not only can these wrecks lead to damaged motorcycles, but in a motorcycle crash, a biker may also suffer catastrophic injuries. There can be broken bones, a brain injury or other permanent disability, and, of course, there is always the potential for fatality.

NHTSA data reflects trends in motorcycle accidents

Collisions pose a tremendous risk for Virginia motorcyclists. Perhaps not surprisingly, when a motorcyclist collides with something, whether another vehicle, a portion of the roadway, or another obstacle, that motorcyclist is at risk for catastrophic injuries. Due to the nature of their method of transportation, motorcyclists have less protection from collisions than many others traveling on the road.

Large number of motorcycle accidents due to no fault of biker

Though motorcycle accidents may garner a lot of attention, in Virginia they represent a surprisingly low percentage of total vehicular accidents. The motorcycle accidents that do occur happen for a wide variety of reasons, and may result in either injuries or, tragically, fatalities.

Attorneys seek damages for Virginia motorcycle accident victims

As the weather warms up and spring begins to blossom, Virginia motorcyclists may be embarking on more rides to enjoy the season. With an increased presence of motorcyclists on the highways in the warmer months, other drivers ought to take precautions to ensure the safety of all Virginia drivers, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Safety precautions for sharing Virginia roads with motorcyclists

Virginia motorcyclists usually take safety seriously when they climb on their bikes. Whether by wearing a helmet, obeying traffic laws, or using their headlights and taillights when appropriate, they often take precautions to ensure their own safety. Vehicle drivers also ought to be taking precautions to prevent dangerous motorcycle wrecks. There are many steps drivers can take to help make the roads safer for motorcyclists and themselves.

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