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Assessing car-truck crashes and identifying risk factors

Motor vehicle crash statistics gathered from law enforcement reports and other sources are used to determine causation, and develop strategies to lower the number of injuries and fatalities each year. Federal and Virginia lawmakers have spent significant time over the past several decades reviewing this data as it relates to large trucks, and drafting laws that attempt to curtail the dangers associated with large commercial vehicles.

Truck hits car head-on, killing three

When driving down any road in Virginia, people in passenger vehicles can understandably feel vulnerable when coming upon large semi trucks and other types of commercial vehicles. The size and weight differential between tractor trailers and cars, pickup trucks and other vehicles can make a bit difference in the outcome of an accident between them.

18-wheeler accident involved trucker whose CDL was suspended

Large trucks are a common sight on the roadways in Virginia. They are so frequently seen that most people take for granted that the operator of a big rig will be fully trained, drive the vehicle safely, adhere to all federal trucking regulations and be thoroughly checked by the employer. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and it is only after a truck accident that the truth is discovered and the driver should not have been behind the wheel. Those who have been injured in an 18-wheeler accident or lost a loved one need to know what to do in the aftermath to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Does negligent truck maintenance contribute to truck accidents?

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to a truck accident. One contributing factor can be negligent truck maintenance. When a truck's brakes are not checked on a regular basis, or minor problems are allowed to grow into major problems, the results can be catastrophic, oftentimes leading to major collisions with motor vehicles.

How can sleep deprivation lead to truck accidents?

There are many factors that might contribute to a dangerous truck accident. From a truck driver who is speeding down a Virginia highway to one who is distracted by his or her cell phone, Virginia drivers must be on the lookout for dangerous situations that can arise from truck driver negligence. One particularly troublesome factor that contributes to truck accidents is a truck drivers' lack of sleep.

Attorneys counsel victims of Virginia truck accidents

Truck accidents can happen in a split-second. Traffic travels at high speeds along Virginia's highways and often large commercial vehicles barrel past smaller vehicles. It takes only one wrong move on the part of an inattentive truck driver to cause an accident. As this blog reported in a previous post, the National Transportation Safety Board, wants to prevent negligent truck drivers from being able to put drivers and passengers on the roads at risk.

Substance abuse a serious cause of truck accidents

In its "Most Wanted List" for desired safety improvements in 2016, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is aiming to end the prevalence of substance abuse among drivers, including truck drivers. Drivers' negligence in driving under the influence, whether a small vehicle driver or a truck driver, has serious, and all too often, deadly results, both in Texas and nationwide.

Sleep apnea to be studied in truck drivers

There are numerous regulations and requirements for truck drivers regarding rest breaks and sleep requirements, all with the goal of preventing dangerous truck accidents. Interestingly, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) are now trying to research additional safety measures to address the condition of obstructive sleep apnea in truck drivers.

How can Virginia truck drivers prevent accidents?

Truck drivers are responsible for massive pieces of heavy equipment as they barrel through Virginia's highways. Truck drivers' failure to follow proper safety precautions can have serious consequences and lead to catastrophic truck accidents. There are many ways that truck drivers can reduce or prevent the risk of 18-wheeler accidents, however.

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